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Shakespear's Sister
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Shakespear's Sister

Shakespear's Sister
"Other Songs - Shakespear's Sister"

1. Are We In Love Yet playlist
2. Bitter Pill playlist
3. Black Sky playlist
4. Break My Heart playlist
5. Can U Wait (That Long) playlist
6. Catwoman playlist
7. Could You Be Loved playlist
8. Dial F For Freedom playlist
9. Dirty Mind playlist
10. Do I Scare You playlist
11. Electric Moon playlist
12. Emotional Thing playlist
13. Excuse Me John playlist
14. Go playlist
15. Goodbye Cruel World playlist
16. Heaven Is In Your Arms playlist
17. Hello (Turn Your Radio On) playlist
18. Heroine playlist
19. I Can Drive playlist
20. I Don't Care playlist
21. I Never Could Sing playlist
22. Let Me Entertain You playlist
23. Moonchild playlist
24. My 16th Apology playlist
25. Oh Dear playlist
26. Opportunity Knockers playlist
27. Run Silent playlist
28. Singles Party playlist
29. Stay playlist
30. The Trouble With Andre playlist
31. Waiting playlist
32. You Made Me Come To This playlist
33. You're History playlist