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Suzi Quatro
Album Lyrics: Can The Can [2011]

Suzi Quatro
"Can The Can [2011]"

1. 48 Crash playlist
2. Can The Can playlist
3. I Wanna Be Your Man playlist
4. Official Suburban Superman playlist
5. Primitive Love playlist
6. Rockin' Moonbeam playlist
7. Shine My Machine playlist
8. Sticks And Stones playlist

Album Lyrics: Suzi Quatro/quatro [1996]

Suzi Quatro
"Suzi Quatro/quatro [1996]"

1. A Shot Of Rhythm & Blues playlist
2. Friday playlist
3. Keep A-Knockin' playlist
4. Klondyke Kate playlist
5. Savage Silk playlist
6. Trouble playlist

Album Lyrics: Your Mama Won't Like Me/aggo-Phobia [2000]

Suzi Quatro
"Your Mama Won't Like Me/aggo-Phobia [2000]"

1. American Lady playlist
2. New Day Woman playlist
3. Paralysed playlist
4. Prisoner Of Your Imagination playlist
5. Strip Me playlist
6. The Honky Tonk Downstairs playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Suzi Quatro

Suzi Quatro
"Other Songs - Suzi Quatro"

1. Breakdown playlist
2. Hollywood playlist
3. I May Be Too Young playlist
4. Ive Never Been In Love playlist
5. Roxy Roller playlist
6. Space Cadets playlist
7. Starlight Lady playlist
8. Suicide playlist
9. Tired Of Waiting playlist
10. Your Mama Wont Like Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Wild One-Classic Quatro [1996]

Suzi Quatro
"Wild One-Classic Quatro [1996]"

1. Cat Size playlist

Album Lyrics: 101 Legends [2013]

Suzi Quatro
"101 Legends [2013]"

1. Devil Gate Drive playlist

Album Lyrics: If You Can't Give Me Love [2004]

Suzi Quatro
"If You Can't Give Me Love [2004]"

1. Four Letter Words playlist
2. Heartbreak Hotel playlist
3. Mama's Boy playlist
4. Wake Up Little Susie playlist

Album Lyrics: Wake Up Little Suzi [2003]

Suzi Quatro
"Wake Up Little Suzi [2003]"

1. Glycerine Queen playlist
2. Hit The Road Jack playlist

Album Lyrics: If You Knew Suzi/and Other Four Letter Words [2007]

Suzi Quatro
"If You Knew Suzi/and Other Four Letter Words [2007]"

1. If You Can't Give Me Love playlist
2. She's In Love with You playlist
3. Stumblin' In playlist

Album Lyrics: A's B's & Rarities [2004]

Suzi Quatro
"A's B's & Rarities [2004]"

1. Little Bitch Blue playlist
2. Roman Fingers playlist

Album Lyrics: Greatest Hits [2000]

Suzi Quatro
"Greatest Hits [2000]"

1. Move It playlist

Album Lyrics: What Goes Around [2003]

Suzi Quatro
"What Goes Around [2003]"

1. Rock Hard playlist

Album Lyrics: Ultra Selection [2005]

Suzi Quatro
"Ultra Selection [2005]"

1. Rolling Stone playlist
2. Tear Me Apart playlist

Album Lyrics: Then & Now [2002]

Suzi Quatro
"Then & Now [2002]"

1. State Of Mind playlist

Album Lyrics: The Runaways Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [2010]

Suzi Quatro
"The Runaways Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [2010]"

1. The Wild One playlist