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Tony Joe White
Album Lyrics: Closer To The Truth [1991]

Tony Joe White
"Closer To The Truth [1991]"

1. Ain't Going Down This Time playlist
2. Bare Necessities playlist
3. Bi Yo Rhythm playlist
4. Closer To The Truth playlist
5. Tunica Motel playlist
6. Steamy Windows playlist

Album Lyrics: Live In Amsterdam [2010]

Tony Joe White
"Live In Amsterdam [2010]"

1. As The Crow Flies playlist
2. Polk Salad Annie playlist
3. Rainy Night In Georgia playlist
4. Roosevelt And Ira Lee playlist
5. You're Gonna Look Good In Blues playlist

Album Lyrics: Homemade Ice Cream [1973]

Tony Joe White
"Homemade Ice Cream [1973]"

1. Did Somebody Make A Fool Out Of You playlist
2. For Ol' Times Sake playlist

Album Lyrics: One Hot July [1999]

Tony Joe White
"One Hot July [1999]"

1. Goin' Down Rockin' playlist
2. Selena playlist
3. Across From Midnight playlist

Album Lyrics: Deep Cuts [2008]

Tony Joe White
"Deep Cuts [2008]"

1. High Sheriff Of Calhoun Parrish playlist
2. Homemade Ice Cream playlist
3. Willie And Laura Mae Jones playlist

Album Lyrics: The Train I'm On [1972]

Tony Joe White
"The Train I'm On [1972]"

1. I've Got A Thing About You Baby playlist
2. The Family playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Tony Joe White

Tony Joe White
"Other Songs - Tony Joe White"

1. Little Green Apples playlist
2. Not One Bad Thought playlist
3. Steamy Windows playlist
4. The Family playlist
5. Groupy Girl playlist
6. I Just Walked Away playlist
7. The Daddy playlist
8. The Look Of Love playlist
9. You Just Get Better All The Time playlist
10. Baby What You Want Me To Do (Reprise) playlist

Album Lyrics: Tony Joe White [1971]

Tony Joe White
"Tony Joe White [1971]"

1. My Kind Of Woman playlist
2. The Change playlist

Album Lyrics: Uncovered [2006]

Tony Joe White
"Uncovered [2006]"

1. Run For Cover playlist
2. Taking The Midnight Train playlist

Album Lyrics: Swamp Music: The Complete Monument Recordings [2006]

Tony Joe White
"Swamp Music: The Complete Monument Recordings [2006]"

1. Little Green Apples playlist