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Art Garfunkel
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Art Garfunkel

Art Garfunkel
"Other Songs - Art Garfunkel"

1. 99 Miles From L.A. playlist
2. A Perfect Moment - Art Garfunkel (Felicity Soundtr playlist
3. Breakaway playlist
4. Daydream playlist
5. Easy Living playlist
6. Everything Waits To Be Noticed playlist
7. Finally Found A Reason playlist
8. Grateful playlist
9. I Believe(When I Fall In Love With It Will Be Fore playlist
10. I Wonder Why playlist
11. If I Loved You playlist
12. It Could Happen To You playlist
13. Life Is But A Dream playlist
14. Long Way Home [#] playlist
15. My Little Town playlist
16. Oh How Happy playlist
17. One Less Holiday playlist
18. Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars (Corcovado) playlist
19. Sail On A Rainbow playlist
20. Sometimes When I'm Dreaming playlist
21. The French Waltz playlist
22. The Promise playlist
23. The Thread playlist
24. We'll Never Say Goodbye playlist
25. What A Wonderful World playlist

Album Lyrics: Across America [1997]

Art Garfunkel
"Across America [1997]"

1. A Heart In New York playlist
2. A Poem On The Underground Wall playlist
3. April Come She Will playlist
4. Bridge Over Troubled Water playlist
5. Homeward Bound playlist
6. Mrs. Robinson playlist
7. The Sound Of Silence playlist

Album Lyrics: Angel Clare [2008]

Art Garfunkel
"Angel Clare [2008]"

1. All I Know playlist
2. Another Lullaby playlist
3. Barbara Allen playlist
4. Down In The Willow Garden playlist
5. Mary Was An Only Child playlist
6. Old Man playlist
7. Traveling Boy playlist
8. Woyaya playlist

Album Lyrics: Up 'Til Now [1993]

Art Garfunkel
"Up 'Til Now [1993]"

1. All My Love's Laughter playlist
2. Just Over The Brooklyn Bridge playlist
3. Skywriter playlist

Album Lyrics: Everything Waits To Be Noticed [2002]

Art Garfunkel
"Everything Waits To Be Noticed [2002]"

1. Bounce playlist
2. Young And Free playlist

Album Lyrics: Scissors Cut [2008]

Art Garfunkel
"Scissors Cut [2008]"

1. Bright Eyes playlist
2. Can't Turn My Heart Away playlist
3. Scissors Cut playlist

Album Lyrics: Bright Eyes [2004]

Art Garfunkel
"Bright Eyes [2004]"

1. Crying In The Rain playlist
2. Disney Girls playlist
3. I Only Have Eyes For You playlist
4. Saturday Suit playlist
5. She Moved Through The Fair playlist
6. Watermark playlist

Album Lyrics: Songs From A Parent To A Child [1997]

Art Garfunkel
"Songs From A Parent To A Child [1997]"

1. Dreamland playlist
2. Lasso The Moon playlist

Album Lyrics: Some Enchanted Evening [2008]

Art Garfunkel
"Some Enchanted Evening [2008]"

1. I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face playlist
2. Someone To Watch Over Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Breakaway

Art Garfunkel

1. Lookin' For The Right One playlist

Album Lyrics: Watermark [1990]

Art Garfunkel
"Watermark [1990]"

1. Marionette playlist
2. Wooden Planes playlist

Album Lyrics: Garfunkel-Best Of [1990]

Art Garfunkel
"Garfunkel-Best Of [1990]"

1. Second Avenue playlist

Album Lyrics: Fate For Breakfast [2008]

Art Garfunkel
"Fate For Breakfast [2008]"

1. Take Me Away playlist