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Album Lyrics: Harlem World

"Harlem World"

1. Cheat On You playlist
2. Will They Die 4 You? playlist
3. Puff's Intro playlist
4. Do You Wanna Get $? playlist
5. Take What's Yours playlist
6. Mad Rapper (Interlude) playlist
7. Lookin' At Me playlist
8. White Girl (Interlude) playlist
9. Love U So playlist
10. Player Way playlist
11. Hater (Interlude) playlist
12. Niggaz Wanna Act playlist
13. Feel So Good playlist
14. What You Want playlist
15. Phone Conversation (Interlude) playlist
16. 24 Hours To Live playlist
17. I Need To Be playlist
18. Watch Your Back (Interlude) playlist
19. Wanna Hurt Mase? playlist
20. Jealous Guy playlist

Album Lyrics: Double Up

"Double Up"

1. Get Ready playlist
2. Intro playlist
3. Stay Out Of My Way playlist
4. Make Me Cry playlist
5. Awards Show (Interlude) playlist
6. Same Niggas playlist
7. No Matter What playlist
8. If You Want To Party playlist
9. Jail Visit (Interlude) playlist
10. Fuck Me? No, Fuck You playlist
11. Do It Again playlist
12. Another Story To Tell playlist
13. Blood Is Thicker playlist
14. You Ain't Smart playlist
15. All I Ever Wanted playlist
16. Mad Rapper (Interlude) playlist
17. From Scratch playlist
18. Gettin' It playlist

Album Lyrics: Welcome Back

"Welcome Back"

1. Welcome Back playlist
2. Breathe, Stretch, Shake playlist
3. Keep It On playlist
4. My Harlem Lullaby playlist
5. Wasting My Time playlist
6. Gotta Survive playlist
7. The Love You Need playlist
8. Money Comes And Goes playlist
9. I Wanna Go playlist