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Redd Kross
Album Lyrics: Third Eye [2008]

Redd Kross
"Third Eye [2008]"

1. Bubblegum Factory playlist
2. Shonen Knife playlist

Album Lyrics: Born Innocent [1993]

Redd Kross
"Born Innocent [1993]"

1. Burn-Out playlist
2. Cease To Exist playlist
3. Cellulite City playlist
4. I'm Alright playlist
5. Pseudo-Intellectual playlist
6. Solid Gold playlist

Album Lyrics: Show World [2004]

Redd Kross
"Show World [2004]"

1. Secret Life playlist

Album Lyrics: Neurotica [2002]

Redd Kross
"Neurotica [2002]"

1. Frosted Flake playlist
2. Ghandi Is Dead (I'm The Cartoon Man) playlist
3. Janus, Jeanie, And George Harrision playlist
4. Love Is You playlist
5. Play My Song playlist
6. What They Say playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Redd Kross

Redd Kross
"Other Songs - Redd Kross"

1. After School Special playlist
2. Beautiful Bye-Byes playlist
3. Crazy World playlist
4. Dumb Angel playlist
5. Huge Wonder playlist
6. Jimmy's Fantasy playlist
7. Monolith playlist
8. Ms. Lady Evans playlist
9. Only A Girl playlist
10. Peach Kelli Pop playlist
11. So-Cal V8 playlist
12. Teen Competition playlist
13. Visionary [Edit] playlist
14. Yesterday Once More playlist

Album Lyrics: Researching The Blues [2012]

Redd Kross
"Researching The Blues [2012]"