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Simply Red
Album Lyrics: Artist Moderator's Request

Simply Red
"Artist Moderator's Request"

1. Note playlist

Album Lyrics: Picture Book

Simply Red
"Picture Book"

1. Come To My Aid playlist
2. Heaven playlist
3. Holding Back The Years playlist

Album Lyrics: It's Only Love

Simply Red
"It's Only Love"

1. Holding Back The Years playlist
2. It's Only Love playlist
3. You've Got It playlist
4. If You Don't Know Me By Now playlist
5. Stars playlist
6. For Your Babies playlist
7. Never Never Love playlist
8. Remembering the first time playlist
9. Mellow My Mind playlist
10. Say You Love Me playlist
11. Night Nurse playlist
12. Ain't That A Lot Of Love playlist
13. Thank You playlist
14. Angel playlist

Album Lyrics: A New Flame

Simply Red
"A New Flame"

1. It's Only Love playlist
2. You've Got It playlist
3. If You Don't Know Me By Now playlist

Album Lyrics: Stars

Simply Red

1. Something Got Me Started playlist
2. Stars playlist
3. Thrill Me playlist
4. Your Mirror playlist
5. For Your Babies playlist

Album Lyrics: Life

Simply Red

1. You Make Me Believe playlist
2. So Many People playlist
3. Lives And Loves playlist
4. Fairground playlist
5. Never Never Love playlist
6. Hillside Avenue playlist
7. Remembering the first time playlist
8. Out On The Range playlist
9. We're In This Together playlist

Album Lyrics: Blue

Simply Red

1. Mellow My Mind playlist
2. Blue playlist
3. Say You Love Me playlist
4. To Be Free playlist
5. Someday In My Life playlist
6. Broken Man playlist
7. Come Get Me Angel playlist
8. Night Nurse playlist
9. Love Has Said Goodbye Again playlist
10. High Fives playlist

Album Lyrics: Love And The Russian Winter

Simply Red
"Love And The Russian Winter"

1. Ain't That A Lot Of Love playlist
2. Your Eyes playlist
3. Back Into The Universe playlist
4. Words For Girlfriends playlist
5. Thank You playlist
6. Man Made The Gun playlist
7. Close To You playlist
8. More Than A Dream playlist
9. Wave The Old World Goodbye playlist

Album Lyrics: Home

Simply Red

1. Home playlist
2. Fake playlist
3. Sunrise playlist
4. You Make Me Feel Brand New playlist
5. Positively 4th Street playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Simply Red

Simply Red
"Other Songs - Simply Red"

1. A New Flame playlist
2. Beside You playlist
3. Forever playlist
4. Ghetto Girl playlist
5. Lady In Red playlist
6. Money's Too Tight To Mention playlist
7. So Beautifui playlist
8. The Air That I Breathe playlist
9. The Air That I Breathe Reprise playlist
10. The Right Thing playlist
11. The Sky Is A Gypsy playlist
12. The Spirit Of Life playlist
13. You'll Lose A Good Thing playlist