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Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Adolescents

"Other Songs - Adolescents"

1. 'til She Comes Down playlist
2. Allen Hotel playlist
3. Alone Against The World playlist
4. Balboa Fun Zone (It's In Your Touch) playlist
5. Frustrated playlist
6. Genius In Pain playlist
7. I'm A Victim playlist
8. Instant Karma playlist
9. It's Tattoo Time playlist
10. Just Like Before playlist
11. Modern Day Napoleon playlist
12. Oc Confidential playlist
13. Richard Hung Himself playlist
14. Runaway playlist
15. She Walks Alone playlist

Album Lyrics: The Adolescents [1981]

"The Adolescents [1981]"

1. Ameoba playlist
2. Democracy playlist
3. Kids Of The Black Hole playlist
4. L.A. Girl playlist
5. No Way playlist
6. Rip It Up playlist
7. Word Attack playlist

Album Lyrics: Naughty Women In Black Sweaters: The Complete Demos 1980-1986 [2005]

"Naughty Women In Black Sweaters: The Complete Demos 1980-1986 [2005]"

1. Amoeba playlist
2. Creatures playlist
3. I Hate Children playlist
4. No Friends playlist
5. Self Destruct playlist
6. The Liar playlist
7. Who is Who playlist
8. Wrecking Crew playlist

Album Lyrics: Brats In Battalions [1987]

"Brats In Battalions [1987]"

1. Brats In Battalions playlist
2. Do The Freddy playlist
3. House Of The Rising Sun playlist
4. I Got A Right playlist
5. I Love You playlist
6. Losing Battle playlist
7. Marching With The Reich playlist
8. Peasant Song playlist
9. She Wolf playlist
10. Skate Babylon playlist
11. Things Start Moving playlist
12. Welcome To Reality playlist

Album Lyrics: Oc Confidential [2005]

"Oc Confidential [2005]"

1. California Son playlist
2. Death On Friday playlist
3. Guns Of September playlist
4. Hawks And Doves playlist
5. Into The Fire playlist
6. Let It Rain playlist
7. Lockdown America playlist
8. Monsanto Hayride playlist
9. Pointless Teenage Anthem playlist
10. Within These Walls playlist