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Burton Cummings
Album Lyrics: My Own Way To Rock [2000]

Burton Cummings
"My Own Way To Rock [2000]"

1. A Song For Him playlist
2. Charlemagne playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Burton Cummings

Burton Cummings
"Other Songs - Burton Cummings"

1. Fine State Of Affairs playlist
2. Had To Be You playlist
3. Im Scared playlist
4. It's Hard playlist
5. Try To Find Another Man playlist
6. You Saved My Soul (Theme From 'melanie') playlist

Album Lyrics: Above The Ground [2010]

Burton Cummings
"Above The Ground [2010]"

1. Any Minor Miracle playlist

Album Lyrics: Dream Of A Child [2009]

Burton Cummings
"Dream Of A Child [2009]"

1. Break It To Them Gently playlist
2. I Will Play A Rhapsody playlist

Album Lyrics: Woman Love [2000]

Burton Cummings
"Woman Love [2000]"

1. Mile A Second playlist
2. Where Are You playlist

Album Lyrics: Best Of [2007]

Burton Cummings
"Best Of [2007]"

1. My Own Way To Rock playlist

Album Lyrics: Up Close & Alone [2007]

Burton Cummings
"Up Close & Alone [2007]"

1. Stand Tall playlist
2. Take One Away playlist

Album Lyrics: Burton Cummings [2004]

Burton Cummings
"Burton Cummings [2004]"

1. Sugartime Flashback Joys playlist
2. That's Enough playlist