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Colin James
Album Lyrics: Bad Habits [1995]

Colin James
"Bad Habits [1995]"

1. Atlanta Moan playlist
2. I Can't Hold Out playlist
3. Saviour playlist
4. Speechless playlist
5. Standin' On The Edge playlist

Album Lyrics: Limelight [2005]

Colin James
"Limelight [2005]"

1. Better Way To Heaven playlist
2. Limelight playlist
3. Shadow Of Love playlist
4. Speakeasy playlist
5. When I Write The Book playlist

Album Lyrics: Traveller [2003]

Colin James
"Traveller [2003]"

1. Black Eyed Dog playlist
2. Skydiving playlist
3. You And Whose Army playlist

Album Lyrics: Christmas [2007]

Colin James
"Christmas [2007]"

1. Boogie Woogie Santa Claus playlist
2. Christmas Island playlist
3. Cool Yule playlist
4. Please Come Home For Christmas playlist

Album Lyrics: The Little Big Band [1992]

Colin James
"The Little Big Band [1992]"

1. Breakin' Up The House playlist
2. Satellite playlist
3. Train Kept A Rollin' playlist

Album Lyrics: The Little Big Band II [2000]

Colin James
"The Little Big Band II [2000]"

1. C'mon With The C'mon playlist
2. Think playlist
3. Tin Pan Alley playlist

Album Lyrics: Fuse [2000]

Colin James
"Fuse [2000]"

1. Carried Away playlist
2. Get To The Bottom playlist
3. Getting Higher playlist
4. Going's Good playlist
5. Hate It When I See You Cry playlist
6. It Ain't Over playlist
7. Mystery To Me playlist
8. Of All The Things To Throw Away playlist
9. Something Good playlist
10. Stop Bringing It Down On A Perfect Day playlist

Album Lyrics: Then Again [1995]

Colin James
"Then Again [1995]"

1. Crazy Over You playlist
2. No More Doggin' playlist
3. Voodoo Thing playlist
4. Why'd You Lie playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Colin James

Colin James
"Other Songs - Colin James"

1. Find My Home playlist
2. I Hope You're Happy playlist
3. I Want You To Be My Baby playlist
4. I Will Be There playlist
5. If You Need Me playlist
6. Into The Mystic (Cover- Van Morrison) playlist
7. Jumpin' From 6 To 6 playlist
8. Lonely Avenue playlist
9. Mary Ann playlist
10. Mythical Wonders playlist
11. Reet Petite playlist
12. Safronia playlist
13. That's Where It's At playlist
14. Misplaced Heart playlist
15. Sudden Stop playlist

Album Lyrics: Take It From The Top: The Best Of [2011]

Colin James
"Take It From The Top: The Best Of [2011]"

1. Five Long Years playlist
2. Freedom playlist
3. Hide playlist
4. I'm Losing You playlist
5. It's Gonna Be Alright playlist
6. Keep On Loving Me Baby playlist
7. Make A Mistake playlist
8. Stay playlist

Album Lyrics: Rooftops & Satellites [2009]

Colin James
"Rooftops & Satellites [2009]"

1. More Than You Needed playlist
2. Stronger playlist

Album Lyrics: National Steel [1997]

Colin James
"National Steel [1997]"

1. My Mind Is On Vacation playlist
2. Shout Baby Shout playlist
3. These Arms Of Mine playlist