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Richie Sambora
Album Lyrics: Undiscovered Soul [1998]

Richie Sambora
"Undiscovered Soul [1998]"

1. All That Really Matters playlist
2. Chained playlist
3. Downside Of Love playlist
4. Fallen From Graceland playlist
5. Hard Times Come Easy playlist
6. Harlem Rain playlist
7. If God Was A Woman playlist
8. In It For Love playlist
9. Made In America playlist
10. Undiscovered Soul playlist
11. Who I Am playlist
12. You're Not Alone playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Richie Sambora

Richie Sambora
"Other Songs - Richie Sambora"

1. Bad Medicine [Live] playlist
2. Broken Promises playlist
3. Cuando Estas Por Amor playlist
4. Every Road Leads Home To You playlist
5. Heaven Help Us playlist
6. Hide Your Love Away playlist
7. Let Me Roll It playlist
8. Lo Unico Importante playlist
9. Long Way Around playlist
10. Maybelline playlist
11. One Last Goodbye playlist
12. Southern Belle playlist
13. Take Me On playlist
14. The Wind Cries Mary playlist
15. We All Sleep Alone [Live] playlist
16. When A Blind Man Cries playlist
17. Willing To Try playlist
18. You Never Really Know playlist

Album Lyrics: 101 Rock Hits [2013]

Richie Sambora
"101 Rock Hits [2013]"

1. Ballad Of Youth playlist

Album Lyrics: Stranger in this Town [1991]

Richie Sambora
"Stranger in this Town [1991]"

1. Church Of Desire playlist
2. Father Time playlist
3. Mr. Bluesman playlist
4. One Light Burning playlist
5. Rest In Peace playlist
6. River Of Love playlist
7. Rosie playlist
8. Stranger In This Town playlist
9. The Answer playlist