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Mr. T Experience
Album Lyrics: Revenge Is Sweet & So Are You [1997]

Mr. T Experience
"Revenge Is Sweet & So Are You [1997]"

1. ...And I Will Be With You playlist
2. Hell Of Dumb playlist
3. Here She Comes playlist
4. I Don't Need You Now playlist
5. Lawnmower Of Love playlist
6. Love Is Dead playlist
7. Our Love Will Last Forever And Ever playlist
8. She's Coming (Over Tonight) playlist
9. When I Lost You playlist
10. Who Needs Happiness (I'D Rather Have You) playlist
11. With My Looks And Your Brains playlist
12. You You You playlist

Album Lyrics: ...And The Women Who Love Them [2002]

Mr. T Experience
"...And The Women Who Love Them [2002]"

1. Alternative Is Here To Stay playlist
2. Another Yesterday playlist
3. Crash playlist
4. King Dork playlist
5. Now That You Are Gone playlist
6. Whistle Bait playlist

Album Lyrics: Love Is Dead [1996]

Mr. T Experience
"Love Is Dead [1996]"

1. Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba playlist
2. I Just Wanna Do It With You playlist
3. I'm Like Yeah, But She's All No playlist
4. Sackcloth And Ashes playlist
5. Somebody's Song playlist
6. Thank You (For Not Being One Of Them) playlist
7. That Prozac Moment playlist
8. You're The Only One playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Mr. T Experience

Mr. T Experience
"Other Songs - Mr. T Experience"

1. Book Of Revelation playlist
2. Can't Get There From Here playlist
3. Fucked Up On Life playlist
4. Hey Emily playlist
5. I Believe In You playlist
6. I Feel For You playlist
7. I Love You But You're Standing On My Foot playlist
8. I Wrote A Book About Rock And Roll playlist
9. Institutionlaized Mysogony playlist
10. London playlist
11. Naomi playlist
12. Our Days Are Numbered playlist
13. Perhaps playlist
14. Pleasant Valley Sunday playlist
15. Re-Activate Your Heart playlist
16. Self-Pity playlist
17. She's My Alcatraz playlist
18. She's Not A Flower playlist
19. Somebody Wants To Love You playlist
20. Spiderman playlist
21. Swiss-Army Girlfriend playlist
22. The Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful playlist
23. Tomorrow Is A Harsh Mistress playlist
24. Two Of Us playlist
25. We'll Get By playlist
26. We're Not No One playlist
27. What Do You Want playlist
28. Will You Still Love, When I Don't Love You playlist

Album Lyrics: Our Bodies Ourselves [1994]

Mr. T Experience
"Our Bodies Ourselves [1994]"

1. Even Hitler Had A Girlfriend playlist