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Del Shannon
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Del Shannon

Del Shannon
"Other Songs - Del Shannon"

1. Are You Loving Me playlist
2. Calling Out My Name playlist
3. Cheap Love playlist
4. Daydreams playlist
5. I'm Gonna Be Strong playlist
6. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry Over You playlist
7. What Kind Of Fool playlist

Album Lyrics: Story [2004]

Del Shannon
"Story [2004]"

1. Cry Myself To Sleep playlist
2. Hats Off To Larry playlist
3. Little Town Flirt playlist
4. Runaway playlist
5. So Long Baby playlist
6. Sue's Gotta Be Mine playlist

Album Lyrics: Definitive Collection [1998]

Del Shannon
"Definitive Collection [1998]"

1. Do You Want To Dance playlist
2. Why Don't You Tell Him playlist

Album Lyrics: Kelly [2011]

Del Shannon
"Kelly [2011]"

1. From Me To You playlist
2. Keep Searchin' (We'll Follow the Sun) playlist
3. Kelly playlist
4. Needles And Pins playlist
5. Rag Doll playlist
6. Stranger In Town playlist

Album Lyrics: Runaway With Del Shannon/hats Off To Del Shannon [1999]

Del Shannon
"Runaway With Del Shannon/hats Off To Del Shannon [1999]"

1. Hey! Little Girl playlist
2. The Answer To Everything playlist
3. The Swiss Maid playlist

Album Lyrics: Rock On [2007]

Del Shannon
"Rock On [2007]"

1. Let's Dance playlist
2. Walk Away playlist

Album Lyrics: Classic Masters [2003]

Del Shannon
"Classic Masters [2003]"

1. Sea Of Love playlist

Album Lyrics: This Is My Bag/total Commitment [2002]

Del Shannon
"This Is My Bag/total Commitment [2002]"

1. Show Me playlist
2. Time Won't Let Me playlist
3. When You Walk In The Room playlist

Album Lyrics: Greatest Hits [1990]

Del Shannon
"Greatest Hits [1990]"

1. Sister Isabelle playlist