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Jimmie Rodgers
Album Lyrics: In The Jailhouse Now [1998]

Jimmie Rodgers
"In The Jailhouse Now [1998]"

1. Any Old Time playlist

Album Lyrics: Recordings 1927 - 1933 Disc A [2011]

Jimmie Rodgers
"Recordings 1927 - 1933 Disc A [2011]"

1. Away Out On The Mountain playlist
2. Memphis Yodel playlist
3. My Little Lady playlist

Album Lyrics: Blue Yodel: Recorded Legacy [2001]

Jimmie Rodgers
"Blue Yodel: Recorded Legacy [2001]"

1. Ben Dewberry's Final Run playlist

Album Lyrics: The Best Of Jimmie Rodgers [1996]

Jimmie Rodgers
"The Best Of Jimmie Rodgers [1996]"

1. Bimbombey playlist
2. Danny Boy playlist
3. It's Over playlist

Album Lyrics: Sweeter Than Wine [2001]

Jimmie Rodgers
"Sweeter Than Wine [2001]"

1. English Country Garden playlist
2. Honeycomb playlist
3. Kisses Sweeter Than Wine playlist
4. Secretly playlist
5. Woman From Liberia playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Jimmie Rodgers

Jimmie Rodgers
"Other Songs - Jimmie Rodgers"

1. I Wanna Be Free playlist
2. O Little Town Of Bethlehem playlist
3. Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair) playlist
4. The Christmas Song playlist
5. The Sailor's Pleas playlist
6. The Windmills Of Your Mind [From The Thomas Crown Affair] playlist

Album Lyrics: The Essential Jimmie Rodgers [1997]

Jimmie Rodgers
"The Essential Jimmie Rodgers [1997]"

1. I'm Lonely And Blue playlist

Album Lyrics: Memorial [1997]

Jimmie Rodgers
"Memorial [1997]"

1. Jimmie's Mean Mama Blues playlist

Album Lyrics: Number One Ballads / Tv Favorites 1 [2001]

Jimmie Rodgers
"Number One Ballads / Tv Favorites 1 [2001]"

1. Lonesome Road playlist

Album Lyrics: Child Of Clay / Windmills Of Your Mind [2004]

Jimmie Rodgers
"Child Of Clay / Windmills Of Your Mind [2004]"

1. Today playlist