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Album Lyrics: Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot [1995]

"Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot [1995]"

1. 850 Double Pumper Holley playlist
2. Ballad Of A Cold Lost Marble playlist
3. Cow playlist
4. Gasoline Horseys playlist
5. Heart Of Darkness playlist
6. Homecoming Queen playlist
7. Rainmaker playlist
8. Saturday playlist
9. Someday I Will Treat You Good playlist
10. Tears On Fresh Fruit playlist
11. Weird Sisters playlist

Album Lyrics: Good Morning Spider [1998]

"Good Morning Spider [1998]"

1. All Night Home playlist
2. Box Of Stars (Part One) playlist
3. Chaos Of The Galaxy/ Happy Man playlist
4. Come On In playlist
5. Cruel Sun playlist
6. Ghost of His Smile playlist
7. Good Morning Spider playlist
8. Hey, Joe playlist
9. Hundreds Of Sparrows playlist
10. Junebug playlist
11. Maria's Little Elbows playlist
12. Saint Mary playlist
13. Sick of Goodbyes playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Sparklehorse

"Other Songs - Sparklehorse"

1. Angel's Harp playlist
2. Blind Rabbit Choir playlist
3. Daddy's Gone playlist
4. Dark Night Of The Soul playlist
5. Devil's New playlist
6. Everytime I'm With You playlist
7. Eye Pennies playlist
8. I Almost Lost My Mind playlist
9. I Shot A Dog playlist
10. Insane Lullaby playlist
11. Intermission playlist
12. Jack's Obsession playlist
13. Jaykub playlist
14. Just War playlist
15. Man Who Played God playlist
16. Revenge playlist
17. Sad And Beautiful playlist
18. See The Light playlist
19. Star Eyes (I Can't Catch It) playlist
20. Too Late playlist

Album Lyrics: It's A Wonderful Life [2001]

"It's A Wonderful Life [2001]"

1. Apple Bed playlist
2. Babies On The Sun playlist
3. Dog Door playlist
4. Gold Days playlist
5. It's A Wonderful Life playlist
6. King Of Nails playlist
7. Little Fat Baby playlist
8. More Yellow Birds playlist
9. Sea of Teeth playlist

Album Lyrics: Chords I've Known [1998]

"Chords I've Known [1998]"

1. Dead Opera Star playlist
2. Midget In A Junkyard playlist
3. The Hatchet Song playlist

Album Lyrics: Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain [2006]

"Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain [2006]"

1. Getting It Wrong playlist
2. It's Not So Hard playlist
3. Mountains playlist
4. Return To Me playlist
5. Some Sweet Day playlist

Album Lyrics: Chest Full of Dying Hawks [2001]

"Chest Full of Dying Hawks [2001]"

1. Hammering The Cramps playlist
2. London playlist
3. Painbirds playlist
4. Piano Fire playlist
5. Pig playlist
6. Spirit Ditch playlist
7. Sunshine playlist

Album Lyrics: Don't Take My Sunshine Away [2006]

"Don't Take My Sunshine Away [2006]"

1. My Yoke Is Heavy playlist
2. Waiting For Nothing playlist