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Style Council
Album Lyrics: There's Some That Got Away [2007]

Style Council
"There's Some That Got Away [2007]"

1. A Casual Affair playlist
2. The Piccadilly Trail playlist
3. The Whole Point II playlist

Album Lyrics: Cafe Bleu [2009]

Style Council
"Cafe Bleu [2009]"

1. A Gospel playlist
2. Headstart For Happiness playlist
3. Here's One That Got Away playlist
4. My Ever Changing Moods playlist
5. The Paris Match playlist

Album Lyrics: Gold [2008]

Style Council
"Gold [2008]"

1. A Solid Bond In Your Heart playlist
2. Have You Ever Had It Blue playlist
3. Life At A Top Peoples Health Farm playlist
4. Love Pains playlist
5. Man Of Great Promise playlist
6. Night After Night playlist
7. Promised Land playlist
8. Sweet Loving Ways playlist
9. Wanted playlist

Album Lyrics: Our Favourite Shop [2008]

Style Council
"Our Favourite Shop [2008]"

1. A Stones Throw Away playlist
2. Come To Milton Keynes playlist
3. Down In The Seine playlist
4. Luck playlist
5. The Lodgers (Or She Was Only A Shopkeeper's Daughter) playlist

Album Lyrics: Cost Of Loving [2007]

Style Council
"Cost Of Loving [2007]"

1. A Woman's Song playlist

Album Lyrics: Sweet Loving Ways: The Collection [2007]

Style Council
"Sweet Loving Ways: The Collection [2007]"

1. All Year Round playlist
2. Francoise playlist

Album Lyrics: Classic [2009]

Style Council
"Classic [2009]"

1. Angel playlist
2. Changing Of The Guard playlist
3. How She Threw It All Away playlist
4. It Didn't Matter playlist
5. Shout To The Top! playlist
6. Speak Like A Child playlist
7. The Story Of Someone's Shoe playlist
8. Waiting playlist

Album Lyrics: Keeps On Burning [2007]

Style Council
"Keeps On Burning [2007]"

1. April's Fool playlist
2. Bloodsports playlist
3. Confessions 1, 2 & 3 playlist
4. Everybody's On The Run playlist
5. Fairy Tales playlist
6. Ghosts Of Dachau playlist
7. I Ain't Goin' Under playlist
8. My Very Good Friend playlist
9. Party Chambers playlist
10. Right To Go playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Style Council

Style Council
"Other Songs - Style Council"

1. Beat Surrender playlist
2. Can You Still Love Me playlist
3. Heaven's Above playlist
4. Hung Up playlist
5. Money-Go-Round (Club Mix) playlist
6. Move On Up playlist
7. Spin Driftin' playlist
8. Spring, Summer, Autumn playlist
9. The Cost Of Loving [12 Version] playlist
10. The Gardener Of Eden playlist
11. The Stand Up Comic's Instructions playlist
12. Town Called Malice [*] playlist
13. When You Call Me playlist
14. Wild Wood playlist
15. You Do Something To Me playlist
16. Your The Best Thing playlist

Album Lyrics: Home & Abroad [2008]

Style Council
"Home & Abroad [2008]"

1. Big Boss Groove playlist
2. Homebreakers playlist
3. Internationalists playlist
4. Walls Come Tumbling Down! playlist
5. With Everything To Lose playlist

Album Lyrics: Confessions Of Pop Group [2008]

Style Council
"Confessions Of Pop Group [2008]"

1. It's A Very Deep Sea playlist
2. Iwasadoledadstoyboy playlist
3. Why I Went Missing playlist

Album Lyrics: Introducing [2008]

Style Council
"Introducing [2008]"

1. Long Hot Summer playlist

Album Lyrics: Ultimate Collection [2007]

Style Council
"Ultimate Collection [2007]"

1. Who Will Buy playlist