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Garrison Starr
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Garrison Starr

Garrison Starr
"Other Songs - Garrison Starr"

1. 5 Minutes playlist
2. Afterall playlist
3. Airstreams And Satellites playlist
4. Anytime playlist
5. Bruises playlist
6. Clearer playlist
7. Eighteen Over Me playlist
8. Grounded playlist
9. Hey Girl playlist
10. Hold Me, Austin playlist
11. I Should Have Known playlist
12. Inside Out playlist
13. Knucklehead playlist
14. Madness playlist
15. Molly playlist
16. One-Sided playlist
17. Passing playlist
18. Silent Night playlist
19. Sit With Me Tonight playlist
20. Softball And Stars playlist
21. Somethin's Gotta Change playlist
22. Together playlist
23. Ugly playlist
24. Underneath The Wheel playlist
25. What I Wish For playlist

Album Lyrics: Fans Greatest Hits Volume One [2007]

Garrison Starr
"Fans Greatest Hits Volume One [2007]"

1. Beautiful In Los Angeles playlist
2. Gardenia playlist
3. Gasoline playlist
4. Like A Drug playlist
5. Wonderful Thing playlist

Album Lyrics: Garrison Starr Live At 9:30 Club 11/18/2000 [2011]

Garrison Starr
"Garrison Starr Live At 9:30 Club 11/18/2000 [2011]"

1. Big Sky playlist
2. Serves Me Right playlist
3. Superhero playlist