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Johnnie Taylor
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Johnnie Taylor

Johnnie Taylor
"Other Songs - Johnnie Taylor"

1. vol. 1 playlist
2. Friday Night playlist
3. I Am Somebody (Part 1) playlist
4. Time After Time playlist

Album Lyrics: One Step Beyond [1970]

Johnnie Taylor
"One Step Beyond [1970]"

1. A Fool Like Me playlist
2. Don't Take My Sunshine playlist

Album Lyrics: Superhits [1982]

Johnnie Taylor
"Superhits [1982]"

1. Cheaper To Keep Her playlist
2. I Believe In You (You Believe In Me) playlist
3. Love Bones playlist
4. We're Getting Careless With Our Love playlist

Album Lyrics: Super Taylor [1974]

Johnnie Taylor
"Super Taylor [1974]"

1. Darling I Love You playlist
2. Free playlist

Album Lyrics: Stax Profiles [2006]

Johnnie Taylor
"Stax Profiles [2006]"

1. Disco Lady playlist

Album Lyrics: Lifetime: A Retrospective Of Soul, Blues & Gospel 1956-1999 [1969]

Johnnie Taylor
"Lifetime: A Retrospective Of Soul, Blues & Gospel 1956-1999 [1969]"

1. Hijackin' Love playlist
2. I Had A Dream playlist
3. Rumors playlist
4. Soul Heaven playlist
5. Standing In For Jody playlist

Album Lyrics: Greatest Hits [1970]

Johnnie Taylor
"Greatest Hits [1970]"

1. I Could Never Be President playlist

Album Lyrics: Live At The Summit Club [2007]

Johnnie Taylor
"Live At The Summit Club [2007]"

1. I Don't Wanna Lose You playlist
2. Steal Away playlist
3. Take Care Of Your Homework playlist

Album Lyrics: Who's Making Love ? [1968]

Johnnie Taylor
"Who's Making Love ? [1968]"

1. I'm Trying playlist

Album Lyrics: Wall To Wall [1985]

Johnnie Taylor
"Wall To Wall [1985]"

1. Just Because playlist

Album Lyrics: Eargasm [1976]

Johnnie Taylor
"Eargasm [1976]"

1. Somebody's Gettin' It playlist

Album Lyrics: Wanted One Soul Singer [1967]

Johnnie Taylor
"Wanted One Soul Singer [1967]"

1. Toe-Hold playlist

Album Lyrics: Just Ain't Good Enough [1982]

Johnnie Taylor
"Just Ain't Good Enough [1982]"

1. What About My Love playlist

Album Lyrics: Raw Blues [1969]

Johnnie Taylor
"Raw Blues [1969]"

1. Where There's Smoke There's Fire playlist