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Bert Jansch
Album Lyrics: The Essential Bert Jansch [2010]

Bert Jansch
"The Essential Bert Jansch [2010]"

1. A Woman Like You playlist
2. Blackwaterside playlist
3. Come Back Baby playlist
4. It Don't Bother Me playlist
5. Nottamun Town playlist
6. Rosemary Lane playlist
7. Running From Home playlist
8. Wishing Well playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Bert Jansch

Bert Jansch
"Other Songs - Bert Jansch"

1. Caledonia playlist
2. Careless Love playlist
3. Heartbreak Hotel playlist
4. I Have No Time playlist
5. If I Were A Carpenter playlist
6. Instrumental Medley playlist
7. Oh How Your Love Is Strong playlist
8. Rambling's Gonna Be The Death Of Me playlist
9. Veronica playlist

Album Lyrics: Angie: Collection [2011]

Bert Jansch
"Angie: Collection [2011]"

1. Angie playlist
2. Courting Blues playlist
3. Do You Hear Me Now playlist
4. Needle Of Death playlist
5. Soho playlist

Album Lyrics: Santa Barbara Honeymoon [2009]

Bert Jansch
"Santa Barbara Honeymoon [2009]"

1. Blues Run The Game playlist

Album Lyrics: L.A. Turnaround [2009]

Bert Jansch
"L.A. Turnaround [2009]"

1. Stone Monkey playlist
2. There Comes A Time playlist

Album Lyrics: Crimson Moon [2008]

Bert Jansch
"Crimson Moon [2008]"

1. Crimson Moon playlist
2. My Donald playlist

Album Lyrics: Dazzling Stranger [2008]

Bert Jansch
"Dazzling Stranger [2008]"

1. I Am Lonely playlist
2. October Song playlist
3. Strolling Down The Highway playlist

Album Lyrics: Fresh As A Sweet Sunday Morning [2007]

Bert Jansch
"Fresh As A Sweet Sunday Morning [2007]"

1. She Moved Through The Fair playlist

Album Lyrics: Live At The 12 Bar [2002]

Bert Jansch
"Live At The 12 Bar [2002]"

1. Trouble In Mind playlist

Album Lyrics: Rosemary Lane

Bert Jansch
"Rosemary Lane"

1. Wayward Child playlist