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Gene Clark
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Gene Clark

Gene Clark
"Other Songs - Gene Clark"

1. Changes playlist
2. Lonely Saturday playlist
3. Made For Love playlist
4. Marylou playlist
5. One In A Hundred playlist
6. Only Colombe playlist
7. Past Addresses playlist
8. Rain Song playlist
9. Something About You Baby playlist
10. True One playlist
11. Where My Love Lies Aleep playlist
12. Feel A Whole Lot Better playlist
13. So You Say You Lost Your Baby [Remix] playlist

Album Lyrics: White Light [2001]

Gene Clark
"White Light [2001]"

1. Because Of You playlist
2. With Tomorrow playlist

Album Lyrics: Echoes [2008]

Gene Clark
"Echoes [2008]"

1. Boston playlist
2. For Me Again playlist
3. Here Without You playlist
4. I Found You playlist
5. Needing Someone playlist
6. Set You Free This Time playlist
7. Think I'm Gonna Feel Better [Remix] playlist

Album Lyrics: With The Gosdin Brothers [2007]

Gene Clark
"With The Gosdin Brothers [2007]"

1. Couldn't Believe Her playlist
2. Elevator Operator playlist
3. Is Yours Is Mine playlist
4. Keep On Pushin' playlist
5. The Same One playlist
6. Tried So Hard playlist

Album Lyrics: Flying High [1999]

Gene Clark
"Flying High [1999]"

1. Dark Hollow playlist
2. Los Angeles playlist
3. Silent Crusade playlist
4. That's Alright By Me playlist
5. The French Girl playlist
6. Wall Around Your Heart playlist
7. Why Not Your Baby playlist
8. Winter In playlist

Album Lyrics: Gypsy Angel: The Gene Clark Demos 1983-1990 [2011]

Gene Clark
"Gypsy Angel: The Gene Clark Demos 1983-1990 [2011]"

1. Day For Night playlist
2. Gypsy Rider playlist
3. Rock Of Ages playlist

Album Lyrics: Silverado '75-Live & Unreleased [2008]

Gene Clark
"Silverado '75-Live & Unreleased [2008]"

1. Home Run King playlist
2. In The Pines playlist
3. No Other playlist
4. Silver Raven playlist
5. Train Leaves Here This Morning playlist

Album Lyrics: No Other [2003]

Gene Clark
"No Other [2003]"

1. From A Silver Phial playlist
2. Lady Of The North playlist
3. Life's Greatest Fool playlist
4. Some Misunderstanding playlist
5. Strength Of Strings playlist

Album Lyrics: Roadmaster [1994]

Gene Clark
"Roadmaster [1994]"

1. Here Tonight playlist
2. I Really Don't Want To Know playlist
3. I Remember The Railroad playlist

Album Lyrics: Fantastic Expedition Of Dillard & Cl [2011]

Gene Clark
"Fantastic Expedition Of Dillard & Cl [2011]"