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Larry Sparks
Album Lyrics: 40 [2005]

Larry Sparks
"40 [2005]"

1. 1-800-Do-U-Care playlist
2. Blues Stay Away From Me playlist
3. City Folks Call Us Poor playlist
4. Georgia Peaches playlist
5. I Need Jesus playlist
6. It's Too Late To Walk The Floor playlist
7. New Highway playlist
8. Sharecropper's Son playlist
9. Where The Sweet Water Flows playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Larry Sparks

Larry Sparks
"Other Songs - Larry Sparks"

1. An Empty Mansion playlist
2. Bro. Ben playlist
3. Danny Boy playlist
4. He Walked All The Way Home playlist
5. Heart Trouble playlist
6. I Want You To Meet My Friend - Tom Thall playlist
7. Lay My Burden Down playlist
8. Smoky Mountain Memories playlist
9. Stone Wall playlist
10. Tennessee 1949 - Larry Cordle playlist
11. There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder playlist

Album Lyrics: Special Delivery [2000]

Larry Sparks
"Special Delivery [2000]"

1. Be Nobody's Darling But Mine playlist

Album Lyrics: Ramblin Bluegrass [2008]

Larry Sparks
"Ramblin Bluegrass [2008]"

1. Brand New Broken Heart playlist

Album Lyrics: Last Suit You Wear [2007]

Larry Sparks
"Last Suit You Wear [2007]"

1. For Your Love playlist

Album Lyrics: I Just Want To Thank You Lord [2009]

Larry Sparks
"I Just Want To Thank You Lord [2009]"

1. I Just Want To Thank You Lord playlist

Album Lyrics: The Best Of Larry Sparks: Bound To Ride [2008]

Larry Sparks
"The Best Of Larry Sparks: Bound To Ride [2008]"

1. John Deere Tractor playlist

Album Lyrics: Old Church Yard [2002]

Larry Sparks
"Old Church Yard [2002]"