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The Swell Season
Album Lyrics: Once (Music from the Motion Picture) [2007]

The Swell Season
"Once (Music from the Motion Picture) [2007]"

1. All the Way Down playlist
2. And the Healing Has Begun playlist
3. Broken Hearted Hoover Fixer Sucker Guy playlist
4. Fallen From the Sky playlist
5. Falling Slowly playlist
6. If You Want Me playlist
7. Into the Mystic playlist
8. Leave playlist
9. Lies playlist
10. Once playlist
11. Say It to Me Now playlist
12. The Hill playlist
13. Trying to Pull Myself Away playlist
14. When Your Mind's Made Up playlist

Album Lyrics: The Swell Season [2006]

The Swell Season
"The Swell Season [2006]"

1. Alone Apart playlist
2. Drown Out playlist
3. Sleeping playlist
4. The Moon playlist
5. The Swell Season playlist
6. This Low playlist

Album Lyrics: Strict Joy [2009]

The Swell Season
"Strict Joy [2009]"

1. Back Broke playlist
2. Fantasy Man playlist
3. High Horses playlist
4. I Have Loved You Wrong playlist
5. Love That Conquers playlist
6. Low Rising playlist
7. Paper Cup playlist
8. The Rain playlist
9. The Verb playlist
10. Two Tongues playlist

Album Lyrics: 90210 Music Season 02 [2010]

The Swell Season
"90210 Music Season 02 [2010]"

1. Feeling The Pull playlist

Album Lyrics: Parenthood [2010]

The Swell Season
"Parenthood [2010]"

1. In These Arms playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - The Swell Season

The Swell Season
"Other Songs - The Swell Season"

1. One More Word playlist