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Louise Hoffsten
Album Lyrics: Rhythm & Blonde [2006]

Louise Hoffsten
"Rhythm & Blonde [2006]"

1. All About Numbers playlist
2. Dead Town playlist
3. Forbidden Fruit playlist
4. New Religion playlist
5. Seasons Of Love playlist
6. Sweet Tooth playlist
7. When The Blue Is Gone playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Louise Hoffsten

Louise Hoffsten
"Other Songs - Louise Hoffsten"

1. Bebop And Lulu playlist
2. Box Full Of Faces playlist
3. Bringing Out The Elvis playlist
4. Det Sorgsna Hjärtat playlist
5. Eddie Bummer playlist
6. For Your Love playlist
7. I'm Gonna Dance On Your Grave One Day playlist
8. Kristallen Den Fina playlist
9. Lasse Liten Blues playlist
10. Little Devil In Me playlist
11. My Favorite Lie playlist
12. Nice Doin' Business playlist
13. Not The End Of Time playlist
14. Opium För Dig playlist
15. Shut Up & Kiss Me playlist
16. Wherever You Go playlist

Album Lyrics: Collection 1991-2002 [2006]

Louise Hoffsten
"Collection 1991-2002 [2006]"

1. Explain It To My Heart playlist
2. Healing Rain playlist
3. Hit Me With Your Lovething playlist
4. Padded Bra playlist
5. The Only Thing I Got playlist

Album Lyrics: Live Tillsammans Med Folkoperan [2006]

Louise Hoffsten
"Live Tillsammans Med Folkoperan [2006]"

1. Let The Best Man Win playlist
2. Never Gonna Be Your Lady playlist
3. Sockerkompis playlist

Album Lyrics: Beautiful, But Why [2010]

Louise Hoffsten
"Beautiful, But Why [2010]"

1. Nowhere In This World playlist