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Groove Armada
Album Lyrics: White Light [2010]

Groove Armada
"White Light [2010]"

1. 1980 playlist
2. History playlist
3. I Won't Kneel playlist

Album Lyrics: Keep Calm & Relax [2012]

Groove Armada
"Keep Calm & Relax [2012]"

1. At The River playlist

Album Lyrics: Original Album Classics [2010]

Groove Armada
"Original Album Classics [2010]"

1. But I Feel Good playlist
2. Chicago playlist
3. Drifted playlist
4. Easy playlist
5. Hands Of Time playlist
6. I See You Baby playlist
7. If Everybody Looked The Same playlist
8. Little By Little playlist
9. Madder playlist
10. My Friend playlist
11. Suntoucher playlist
12. Superstylin' playlist
13. Think Twice playlist
14. Tuning In playlist

Album Lyrics: Soundboy Rock [2007]

Groove Armada
"Soundboy Rock [2007]"

1. Drop That Thing playlist

Album Lyrics: Greatest Hits [2007]

Groove Armada
"Greatest Hits [2007]"

1. Get Down playlist
2. Girls Say playlist
3. Love Sweet Sound playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Groove Armada

Groove Armada
"Other Songs - Groove Armada"

1. I See You Baby (Bada-Bing Mix) playlist
2. Paper Romance playlist
3. Raisin The Stakes playlist
4. Superstylin' (Pop Goes The Weasel Mix) playlist

Album Lyrics: Ga10 [2007]

Groove Armada
"Ga10 [2007]"

1. Song 4 Mutya (Out Of Control) playlist

Album Lyrics: Anotherlatenight (Re-Issue) [2005]

Groove Armada
"Anotherlatenight (Re-Issue) [2005]"

1. Truth 'n' Time playlist
2. Ya Playn' Yaself playlist