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Michael Schenker
Album Lyrics: Back To Attack: Live [2009]

Michael Schenker
"Back To Attack: Live [2009]"

1. Armed And Ready playlist
2. Attack Of The Mad Axeman playlist
3. Cry For The Nations playlist
4. Lost Horizons playlist
5. Natural Thing playlist
6. Rock My Nights Away playlist
7. Still Love That Little Devil playlist
8. Victim Of Illusion playlist

Album Lyrics: Assault Attack [2009]

Michael Schenker
"Assault Attack [2009]"

1. Assault Attack playlist
2. Broken Promises playlist
3. Desert Song playlist
4. Samurai playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Michael Schenker

Michael Schenker
"Other Songs - Michael Schenker"

1. Feels Like A Good Things playlist
2. Gimme Your Love playlist
3. Invincible playlist
4. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie playlist
5. Never Trust A Stranger playlist
6. Paradise playlist
7. Pushed To The Limit playlist
8. Secondary Motion playlist
9. Tales Of Mystery playlist
10. This Broken Heart playlist
11. Too Hot To Handle playlist
12. Tower playlist
13. What Happens To Me playlist
14. When I'm Gone playlist

Album Lyrics: Greatest Riffs [2009]

Michael Schenker
"Greatest Riffs [2009]"

1. Hey Joe playlist

Album Lyrics: Written In The Sand [2008]

Michael Schenker
"Written In The Sand [2008]"

1. I Believe playlist
2. I Will Be There playlist
3. Love Never Dies playlist

Album Lyrics: Built To Destroy [2009]

Michael Schenker
"Built To Destroy [2009]"

1. I'm Gonna Make You Mine playlist
2. Red Sky playlist
3. The Dogs Of War playlist

Album Lyrics: Mad Axeman Live [2008]

Michael Schenker
"Mad Axeman Live [2008]"

1. Lights Out playlist

Album Lyrics: Rock Will Never Die [2006]

Michael Schenker
"Rock Will Never Die [2006]"

1. Looking For Love playlist

Album Lyrics: Story Live [2008]

Michael Schenker
"Story Live [2008]"

1. Love To Love playlist
2. No Time For Losers playlist

Album Lyrics: By Invitation Only [2011]

Michael Schenker
"By Invitation Only [2011]"

1. Out In The Fields playlist
2. Save Yourself playlist