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Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine

Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine
"Other Songs - Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine"

1. A Bachelor For Baden Powell playlist
2. A World Without Dave playlist
3. Airplane Food playlist
4. Anytime Anyplace Anywhere playlist
5. Being Here playlist
6. Billy's Smart Circus playlist
7. Bloodsport For All playlist
8. Born On 5th November playlist
9. Ceasefire playlist
10. Cheap 'n' Cheesy playlist
11. Cheer Up It May Never Happen playlist
12. Citizens Band Radio playlist
13. Do Re Me, So Far So Good playlist
14. England playlist
15. Evil playlist
16. Falling On A Bruise playlist
17. Gas (Man) playlist
18. God Saint Peter And The Guardian Angel playlist
19. Hit [Live] playlist
20. Is Wrestling Fixed playlist
21. Lean On Me I Won't Fall Over playlist
22. Lenny And Terence playlist
23. Let's Get Tattoos playlist
24. Look Mum, No Hands! playlist
25. Me And Mr. Jones playlist
26. Midday Crisis playlist
27. Prince In A Paupers Grave playlist
28. Re Educating Rita playlist
29. Rubbish playlist
30. Say It With Flowers playlist
31. Sealed With A Glasgow Kiss playlist
32. Second To Last Will And Testament playlist
33. Sheriff Fatman playlist
34. Shoppers' Paradise playlist
35. Sing Fat Lady Sing playlist
36. Skywest And Crooked playlist
37. Spoilsports Personality Of The Year playlist
38. Suicide Isn't Painless playlist
39. Sweetheart Sugar Baby playlist
40. The Aftertaste Of Paradise playlist
41. The Impossible Dream playlist
42. The Life And Soul Of The Party Dies playlist
43. The Music That Nobody Likes playlist
44. The Only Loony Left In Town playlist
45. The Young Offender's Mum playlist
46. Tomorrow When You Die playlist
47. Travis playlist
48. Under The Thumb Over The Moon playlist
49. While You Were Out playlist
50. Worry Bomb playlist

Album Lyrics: Brixton Mortars [2004]

Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine
"Brixton Mortars [2004]"

1. And God Created Brixton playlist
2. Broken Down In Broken Town playlist
3. Closedown playlist
4. Sunshine playlist