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George Duke
Album Lyrics: Illusions [1995]

George Duke
"Illusions [1995]"

1. 500 Miles To Go playlist
2. Look What We Started Now playlist
3. No Greater Love playlist

Album Lyrics: Deja Vu [2010]

George Duke
"Deja Vu [2010]"

1. 6 O'clock Revisited playlist

Album Lyrics: After Hours [2010]

George Duke
"After Hours [2010]"

Album Lyrics: Dreamweaver [2002]

George Duke
"Dreamweaver [2002]"

1. Missing You playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - George Duke

George Duke
"Other Songs - George Duke"

1. Born To Love playlist
2. Congo Square playlist
3. Fame playlist
4. How About You playlist
5. In The Meantime playlist
6. Is Love Enough playlist
7. Lady playlist
8. Light playlist
9. No One playlist
10. Shane playlist
11. Silly Fightin' playlist
12. Spring Is Here playlist
13. Whenever You're Around playlist

Album Lyrics: Brazilian Love Afffair [1997]

George Duke
"Brazilian Love Afffair [1997]"

1. Brazilian Love Affair playlist

Album Lyrics: Snapshot [1992]

George Duke
"Snapshot [1992]"

1. Bus Tours playlist
2. From The Void playlist
3. Geneva playlist
4. Until Sunrise playlist

Album Lyrics: Faces In Reflection [2010]

George Duke
"Faces In Reflection [2010]"

Album Lyrics: Feel [2008]

George Duke
"Feel [2008]"

Album Lyrics: Is Love Enough? [1997]

George Duke
"Is Love Enough? [1997]"

1. Fill The Need playlist
2. I'm Falling playlist
3. It's Our World playlist
4. It's Summertime playlist
5. Kinda Low playlist
6. Laid Back Sunday playlist
7. Love Songs playlist
8. Thinkin' 'bout You playlist
9. This Place I Call Home playlist
10. Whatever Happened To... playlist

Album Lyrics: Dream On [2002]

George Duke
"Dream On [2002]"

1. Shine On playlist

Album Lyrics: Reach For It [2008]

George Duke
"Reach For It [2008]"

1. Reach For It playlist
2. Searchin' My Mind playlist

Album Lyrics: In A Mellow Tone [2006]

George Duke
"In A Mellow Tone [2006]"

1. Sweet Baby playlist