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Kevin Max
Album Lyrics: Between the Fence & the Universe [2004]

Kevin Max
"Between the Fence & the Universe [2004]"

1. 21st-Century Darlings playlist
2. Golden playlist
3. Hallelujah playlist
4. Irish Hymn playlist
5. Seek playlist
6. Stranded 72.5 playlist
7. To the Dearly Departed playlist

Album Lyrics: Stereotype Be [2001]

Kevin Max
"Stereotype Be [2001]"

1. Angel Without Wings playlist
2. Be playlist
3. Blind playlist
4. Dead-End Moon playlist
5. Deconstructing Venus playlist
6. Existence playlist
7. Her Game playlist
8. I Don't Belong playlist
9. I Went over the Edge of the World playlist
10. On and On playlist
11. Return of the Singer playlist
12. Shaping Space playlist
13. The Secret Circle playlist

Album Lyrics: Crashing Gates [2008]

Kevin Max
"Crashing Gates [2008]"

1. Baby, I'm Your Man playlist
2. Crashing Gates and Passing Keepers playlist
3. Future Love Song playlist
4. Out of the Wild playlist
5. The Saint of Lonely Hearts playlist
6. Traveler playlist

Album Lyrics: The Imposter [2005]

Kevin Max
"The Imposter [2005]"

1. Confessional Booth playlist
2. Fade to Red (Antigalaxy) playlist
3. I Need You, The End playlist
4. Jumpstart Your Electric Heart! playlist
5. Platform playlist
6. Sanctuary playlist
7. Stay playlist
8. The Imposter playlist
9. The Royal Path Of Life playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Kevin Max

Kevin Max
"Other Songs - Kevin Max"

1. Greensleeves playlist
2. If I Could Make It Work in Life playlist
3. Out of the Wild (Demo) playlist
4. People Get Ready playlist
5. Save Me playlist
6. The Day Is Dawning playlist