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Mungo Jerry
Album Lyrics: Baby Jump: The Definitive Collection [2004]

Mungo Jerry
"Baby Jump: The Definitive Collection [2004]"

1. Alright Alright Alright playlist
2. Baby Jump playlist
3. Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black playlist
4. Maggie playlist
5. Mighty Man playlist
6. Open Up playlist

Album Lyrics: Boot Power [2003]

Mungo Jerry
"Boot Power [2003]"

1. Brand New Car playlist
2. Dusty Road playlist
3. Lady Rose playlist
4. My Girl And Me playlist
5. Sweet Mary Jane playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Mungo Jerry

Mungo Jerry
"Other Songs - Mungo Jerry"

1. Cold Blue Excursion playlist
2. Demon playlist
3. Johnny B Badde playlist
4. Looking For My Girl playlist
5. Mungo's Blues playlist
6. My Friend playlist
7. Right On playlist

Album Lyrics: Polydor Years [2004]

Mungo Jerry
"Polydor Years [2004]"

1. Hello Nadine playlist

Album Lyrics: Wedding Crashers (Soundtrack) [2005]

Mungo Jerry
"Wedding Crashers (Soundtrack) [2005]"

1. In The Summertime playlist

Album Lyrics: You Don't Have To Be In The Army [2003]

Mungo Jerry
"You Don't Have To Be In The Army [2003]"

1. On A Sunday playlist
2. You Don't Have To Be In The Army To Fight In The War playlist

Album Lyrics: In The Summertime: Best Of [2003]

Mungo Jerry
"In The Summertime: Best Of [2003]"

1. Pushbike Song playlist

Album Lyrics: Electronically Tested [2003]

Mungo Jerry
"Electronically Tested [2003]"

1. She Rowed playlist
2. Somebody Stole My Wife playlist

Album Lyrics: Mungo Jerry [2003]

Mungo Jerry
"Mungo Jerry [2003]"

1. Tramp playlist