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Album Lyrics: The Message [1996]

"The Message [1996]"

1. A Lot Like You playlist
2. All the Evidence I Need playlist
3. Greatest Story Ever Told playlist
4. Land of Mercy playlist
5. Lay It All On the Line playlist
6. Sacred Hideaway playlist
7. The Center of the Mark playlist
8. The King and I playlist
9. The Measure of a Man playlist
10. The Message playlist
11. Window With a View playlist

Album Lyrics: Face the Nation [1991]

"Face the Nation [1991]"

1. A Man You Would Write About playlist
2. Chisel Meets the Stone playlist
3. Every Reason to Believe playlist
4. Face the Nation playlist
5. He Never Changes playlist
6. Over the Horizon playlist
7. Puzzles playlist
8. Take Me to the Place playlist
9. When I Get Home playlist
10. When the Walls Come Down playlist
11. Why playlist

Album Lyrics: The Season of Love [1994]

"The Season of Love [1994]"

1. A Night to Remember/O Holy Night playlist
2. A Strange Way to Save the World playlist
3. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen playlist
4. Hold on to Christmas playlist
5. In Your Care playlist
6. O Little Town of Bethlehem/It Came Upon a Midnight playlist
7. The Little Drummer Boy playlist
8. The Season of Love playlist
9. White Christmas playlist

Album Lyrics: Ride [1994]

"Ride [1994]"

1. As Long As My Heart Knows It's You playlist
2. Between You and Me playlist
3. For Future Generations playlist
4. Love Finds You playlist
5. Real Thing playlist
6. Ride of Life playlist
7. Shelter in the Rain playlist
8. The Nature of Love playlist
9. What Do I Know playlist
10. Wings playlist

Album Lyrics: Hymns: A Place of Worship [2000]

"Hymns: A Place of Worship [2000]"

1. Be Thou My Vision playlist
2. Fairest Lord Jesus playlist
3. Faith of Our Fathers playlist
4. Great Is Thy Faithfulness playlist
5. It Is Well playlist
6. O Sacred Head playlist
7. Take My Life and Let It Be (Interlude) playlist
8. The Love of God playlist
9. The Solid Rock playlist
10. There Is a Fountain playlist

Album Lyrics: Obvious [1998]

"Obvious [1998]"

1. Before the River Came playlist
2. Can't Get Past the Evidence playlist
3. Great Awakening playlist
4. Let the Lion Run Free playlist
5. Mystery of Grace playlist
6. Obvious playlist
7. Signs and Wonders playlist
8. That Kind of Love playlist
9. The Hand of God playlist
10. Voice in the Wilderness playlist
11. Who's at the Wheel playlist

Album Lyrics: Visible [2003]

"Visible [2003]"

1. Bigger Than Life playlist
2. Candle in the Rain playlist
3. Fill the Earth playlist
4. It's All About Jesus playlist
5. Let Your Kingdom Come playlist
6. No Other Reason playlist
7. The Final Word playlist
8. The Promise playlist
9. Visible playlist
10. You Reign playlist

Album Lyrics: The Basics of Life [1992]

"The Basics of Life [1992]"

1. Built On Amazing Grace playlist
2. Fountain of Youth playlist
3. Freedom playlist
4. Head Over Heels playlist
5. Livin' in the Lion's Mouth playlist
6. The Basics Of Life playlist
7. The Voice of God playlist
8. This Time playlist
9. Through His Eyes playlist
10. When It Comes To Livin' playlist
11. When It's Time To Go playlist
12. Wrecking Ball playlist

Album Lyrics: Walk On [2001]

"Walk On [2001]"

1. City of Refuge playlist
2. Eyes of the World playlist
3. I Know You Now playlist
4. Let The Healing Begin playlist
5. Love Boomerang playlist
6. One Foot in the Water playlist
7. Psalm 112 playlist
8. Surrender playlist
9. This Will Be My Declaration playlist
10. Waiting playlist
11. Walk On playlist
12. Who You Are playlist

Album Lyrics: 4Him [1990]

"4Him [1990]"

1. Couldn't We Stand playlist
2. Do Right playlist
3. He Will Be There for You playlist
4. Life Goes On playlist
5. Living Water, Bread of Life playlist
6. Stay Forever playlist
7. When I Am Gone playlist
8. When I Need You Most playlist
9. Where There Is Faith playlist

Album Lyrics: Streams [1999]

"Streams [1999]"

1. The Only Thing I Need playlist

Album Lyrics: My Utmost for His Highest [1995]

"My Utmost for His Highest [1995]"

1. You Are Holy playlist