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Richie Havens
Album Lyrics: Nobody Left To Crown [2009]

Richie Havens
"Nobody Left To Crown [2009]"

1. (can't You Hear) Zeus's Anger Roar playlist
2. Fates playlist
3. If I playlist
4. Nobody Left To Crown playlist
5. Say It Isn't So playlist

Album Lyrics: Mixed Bag & Something Else Again [2010]

Richie Havens
"Mixed Bag & Something Else Again [2010]"

1. Adam playlist
2. Eleanor Rigby playlist
3. Follow playlist
4. I Can't Make It Anymore playlist
5. Sandy playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Richie Havens

Richie Havens
"Other Songs - Richie Havens"

1. Drown In My Own Tears playlist
2. High Flying Bird, Richie Havens playlist
3. Hurricane Waters playlist
4. I'm Not In Love playlist
5. Imagine playlist
6. In My Life playlist
7. Let It Be playlist
8. Minstrel From Gaul playlist
9. One More Day playlist
10. Open Our Eyes playlist
11. The Dolphins playlist
12. The Long And Winding Road playlist
13. The Well playlist
14. There's A Hole In The Future playlist
15. We All Know Now playlist
16. What's Going On playlist
17. Won't Get Fooled Again playlist

Album Lyrics: Live At Cellar Door [1990]

Richie Havens
"Live At Cellar Door [1990]"

1. Fire And Rain playlist

Album Lyrics: Resume-Best Of [1993]

Richie Havens
"Resume-Best Of [1993]"

1. Freedom playlist
2. God Bless The Child playlist

Album Lyrics: Wishing Well [2005]

Richie Havens
"Wishing Well [2005]"

1. Handouts In The Rain playlist
2. Stardust & Passion playlist

Album Lyrics: Lost Broadcasts [2011]

Richie Havens
"Lost Broadcasts [2011]"

1. Here comes the sun playlist
2. Lady Madonna playlist

Album Lyrics: High Flyin Bird [2007]

Richie Havens
"High Flyin Bird [2007]"

1. Indian Rope Man playlist

Album Lyrics: Stonehenge [2002]

Richie Havens
"Stonehenge [2002]"

1. Prayer playlist

Album Lyrics: Dreaming As One: The A&m Years [2006]

Richie Havens
"Dreaming As One: The A&m Years [2006]"

1. You Can Close Your Eyes playlist

Album Lyrics: Alarm Clock [2003]

Richie Havens
"Alarm Clock [2003]"

1. Younger Men Grow Older playlist