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Diamond Head
Album Lyrics: Diamond Nights [2000]

Diamond Head
"Diamond Nights [2000]"

1. Am I Evil playlist
2. Play It Loud playlist
3. Waited Too Long playlist
4. We Won't Be Back playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Diamond Head

Diamond Head
"Other Songs - Diamond Head"

1. Borrowed Time playlist
2. Helpless [From lightning To The Nations/diamond Head Music] playlist
3. I Don't Got playlist
4. Sweet & Innocent playlist
5. To Heaven From Hell [Live] playlist
6. Trick Or Treat playlist

Album Lyrics: Best Of [2001]

Diamond Head
"Best Of [2001]"

1. Call Me playlist
2. Shoot Out The Lights playlist

Album Lyrics: Canterbury [2004]

Diamond Head
"Canterbury [2004]"

1. Canterbury playlist
2. I Need Your Love playlist
3. Ishmael playlist
4. Knight Of The Swords playlist
5. One More Night playlist
6. Out Of Phase playlist

Album Lyrics: Am I Evil?: Anthology [2009]

Diamond Head
"Am I Evil?: Anthology [2009]"

1. Don't You Ever Leave Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Evil Live [2009]

Diamond Head
"Evil Live [2009]"

1. Dust playlist
2. Feels Good playlist
3. Kiss Of Fire playlist
4. Let Me Down Easy playlist
5. Run playlist
6. Truckin' playlist

Album Lyrics: Live-In The Heat Of The Night [2003]

Diamond Head
"Live-In The Heat Of The Night [2003]"

1. Home playlist
2. In The Heat Of The Night playlist

Album Lyrics: It's Electric [2006]

Diamond Head
"It's Electric [2006]"

1. I Can't Help Myself playlist
2. It's Electric playlist
3. Streets Of Gold playlist
4. The Prince playlist
5. To The Devil His Due playlist

Album Lyrics: Death & Progress [1994]

Diamond Head
"Death & Progress [1994]"

1. Paradise playlist
2. Wild On The Streets playlist