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Album Lyrics: Solitude, Dominance, Tragedy [1999]

"Solitude, Dominance, Tragedy [1999]"

1. A Scattered Me playlist
2. Damnation playlist
3. The Corey Curse playlist
4. The Shocking Truth playlist
5. When Darkness Falls playlist

Album Lyrics: A Decade And A Half [2012]

"A Decade And A Half [2012]"

1. A Touch Of Blessing playlist
2. Blinded playlist
3. Faith Restored playlist
4. Monday Morning Apocalypse playlist
5. More Than Ever playlist
6. Recreation Day playlist
7. Solitude Within playlist
8. Still In The Water playlist
9. The Masterplan playlist
10. Words Mean Nothing playlist

Album Lyrics: The Inner Circle [2004]

"The Inner Circle [2004]"

1. Ambassador playlist
2. In The Wake Of The Weary playlist
3. The Essence Of Conviction playlist
4. Where All Good Sleep playlist

Album Lyrics: Night To Remember: Live 2004 [2005]

"Night To Remember: Live 2004 [2005]"

1. As I Lie Here Bleeding playlist
2. Blackened Dawn playlist
3. End Of Your Days playlist
4. For Every Tear That Falls playlist
5. Harmless Wishes playlist
6. Nosferatu playlist
7. She Speaks To The Dead playlist
8. Waking Up Blind playlist
9. When The Walls Go Down playlist

Album Lyrics: The Dark Discovery [1998]

"The Dark Discovery [1998]"

1. As Light Is Our Darkness playlist
2. Beyond Salvation playlist
3. Closed Eyes playlist
4. Dark Discovery playlist
5. December 26th playlist
6. Shadowed playlist
7. To Hope Is To Fear playlist
8. Trust And Betrayal playlist

Album Lyrics: Monday Morning Apocalypse [2006]

"Monday Morning Apocalypse [2006]"

1. At Loss For Words playlist
2. Closure playlist
3. I Should playlist
4. In Remembrance playlist
5. Lost playlist
6. Obedience playlist
7. The Curtain Fall playlist
8. The Dark I Walk You Through playlist
9. Unspeakable playlist

Album Lyrics: In Search Of Truth [2001]

"In Search Of Truth [2001]"

1. Dark Waters playlist
2. Different Worlds playlist
3. Misled playlist
4. State Of Paralysis playlist
5. The Encounter playlist
6. Watching The Skies playlist

Album Lyrics: Recreation Day [2003]

"Recreation Day [2003]"

1. Darkest Hour playlist
2. Fragments playlist
3. I'm Sorry playlist
4. Madness Caught Another Victim playlist
5. The Great Deciever playlist
6. Trilogy Of The Damned playlist
7. Unforgivable Sin playlist
8. Visions playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Evergrey

"Other Songs - Evergrey"

1. Soaked playlist
2. These Scars playlist
3. Till Dagmar playlist
4. When Kingdoms Fall playlist