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Divinity Destroyed
Album Lyrics: Eden in Ashes EP [2003]

Divinity Destroyed
"Eden in Ashes EP [2003]"

1. Borealis playlist
2. Crestfallen playlist
3. Disciple playlist
4. Empty the Sky playlist
5. Nothing But a Shadow playlist
6. Sweet Heresy playlist
7. Threnody playlist

Album Lyrics: Death or Glory EP [2007]

Divinity Destroyed
"Death or Glory EP [2007]"

1. Death or Glory playlist
2. Forever and Never playlist
3. Indigo playlist
4. Threshold playlist

Album Lyrics: Divinity Destroyed [2003]

Divinity Destroyed
"Divinity Destroyed [2003]"

1. December playlist
2. November playlist
3. The Sun The Moon The Earth And The Rain playlist
4. Transubstantiation playlist

Album Lyrics: Nova [2013]

Divinity Destroyed
"Nova [2013]"

1. Even Heroes Fall playlist
2. For Those Left Behind playlist
3. I Found The Sky playlist
4. White Shadows playlist
5. Final Stand playlist
6. It'll All Fall Into Place playlist
7. Righteous Fury playlist
8. The Fear playlist
9. The Sculptor playlist
10. Whisper playlist

Album Lyrics: Nocturnal Dawn [2002]

Divinity Destroyed
"Nocturnal Dawn [2002]"

1. Forsaken playlist
2. Night Must Fall playlist
3. NVNDK playlist
4. Red Reflection playlist
5. Smoke and Mirrors playlist
6. The Sleeper Has Awakened playlist
7. Void playlist

Album Lyrics: The Plague EP [2005]

Divinity Destroyed
"The Plague EP [2005]"

1. Forsaken (Acoustic) playlist
2. Haven playlist
3. Prism playlist
4. Red Reflection (Acoustic) playlist
5. These Waking Dreams playlist
6. Void (Acoustic) playlist