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The Oedipus Complex
Album Lyrics: The Passage of Times and Places [2010]

The Oedipus Complex
"The Passage of Times and Places [2010]"

1. 11/20 playlist
2. An Evening in the Confusion playlist
3. Code Error playlist
4. In Between Dreams playlist
5. Optimum playlist
6. Paronomasia playlist
7. Point the Direction of Saturn playlist
8. Soilent playlist
9. The Line That Led Us Apart playlist
10. Tumultuous World playlist
11. While I'm Alive playlist

Album Lyrics: This is a Journey into the Ground [2002]

The Oedipus Complex
"This is a Journey into the Ground [2002]"

1. 2 Thousand playlist
2. Please Show Your Work For Full Credit playlist

Album Lyrics: Anywhere but Nowhere [2007]

The Oedipus Complex
"Anywhere but Nowhere [2007]"

1. A Weathered Tightrope to Walk playlist
2. Anywhere but Nowhere playlist
3. Floor playlist
4. Go Forth and Prosper playlist
5. Misdirect playlist
6. My Teeth in Your Veins playlist
7. Oceans playlist
8. Reaching For Some Lost Conclusion playlist
9. Sympathy for Who playlist
10. Who Can't Be Had playlist

Album Lyrics: Grey Skies Bruising [2014]

The Oedipus Complex
"Grey Skies Bruising [2014]"

1. Anachronistic Future playlist
2. Collecting Dust In Purgatory playlist
3. Filling Bottomless Holes playlist
4. God Of The Day playlist
5. Grey Skies Bruising playlist
6. No Influence playlist
7. Only When The Mouth Is Moving playlist
8. Private Property playlist
9. Screens playlist
10. The Brightest Halo Hangs the Angel playlist
11. The Follower playlist
12. The Perfectionist playlist

Album Lyrics: ...It Was Then I Realized What I Had Become [2003]

The Oedipus Complex
"...It Was Then I Realized What I Had Become [2003]"

1. Do We Dream In Stereo playlist