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Christian Kane
Album Lyrics: The House Rules [2010]

Christian Kane
"The House Rules [2010]"

1. A Different Kind Of Knight playlist
2. American Made playlist
3. Callin' All Country Women playlist
4. Fast Car playlist
5. Let Me Go playlist
6. Let's Take A Drive playlist
7. Making Circles playlist
8. Seven Days playlist
9. Something's Gotta Give playlist
10. The House Rules playlist
11. Thinking Of You playlist
12. Whiskey In Mind playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Christian Kane

Christian Kane
"Other Songs - Christian Kane"

1. All I Did Was Love Her playlist
2. How I'm Livin' Now playlist
3. L.A. Song(Pretty As A Picture) playlist
4. She Made Me Love You More playlist

Album Lyrics: Acoustic Live In London [2005]

Christian Kane
"Acoustic Live In London [2005]"

1. American High playlist
2. In The Darkness playlist
3. Mama playlist
4. Mary, Can You Come Outside (Live) playlist
5. Middle American Saturday Night playlist
6. More Than I Deserve (Live) playlist
7. One More Shot playlist
8. Pinata Novia (Live) playlist
9. Spirit Boy playlist
10. The Chase playlist
11. Track 29 playlist

Album Lyrics: Kane [2000]

Christian Kane
"Kane [2000]"

1. Crazy In Love playlist
2. Don't Come Home playlist
3. Oklahoma State Of Mind playlist
4. Rattlesnake Smile playlist
5. Sweet Carolina Rain playlist