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Protest The Hero
Album Lyrics: Volition [2013]

Protest The Hero
"Volition [2013]"

1. A Life Embossed playlist
2. Animal Bones playlist
3. Clarity playlist
4. Drumhead Trial playlist
5. Mist playlist
6. Plato's Tripartite playlist
7. Skies playlist

Album Lyrics: Kezia [2005]

Protest The Hero
"Kezia [2005]"

1. A Plateful Of Our Dead playlist
2. Blindfolds Aside playlist
3. Bury The Hatchet playlist
4. Divinity Within playlist
5. Nautical playlist
6. No Stars Over Bethlehem playlist
7. She Who Mars The Skin Of Gods playlist
8. The Divine Suicide of K. playlist
9. Turn Soonest To The Sea playlist

Album Lyrics: A Calculated Use Of Sound [2001]

Protest The Hero
"A Calculated Use Of Sound [2001]"

1. An Apathetic New World playlist
2. Fear and Loathing in Laramie playlist
3. I Am Dmitri Karamazov and The World Is My Father playlist
4. Led Astray playlist
5. Red Stars Over the Battle of the Cowshed playlist
6. Soft Targets Dig Softer Graves playlist
7. These Colours Don't Run playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Protest The Hero

Protest The Hero
"Other Songs - Protest The Hero"

1. Asperity of Sin playlist
2. Break The Chain playlist
3. Is Anybody There playlist
4. Just Defy playlist
5. Let It Die playlist
6. Lost Cause playlist
7. Silent Genocide playlist
8. The Fifth Commandment playlist

Album Lyrics: Fortress [2008]

Protest The Hero
"Fortress [2008]"

1. Bloodmeat playlist
2. Bone Marrow playlist
3. Goddess Bound playlist
4. Goddess Gagged playlist
5. Limb From Limb playlist
6. Palms Read playlist
7. Sequoia Throne playlist
8. Spoils playlist
9. The Dissentience playlist
10. Wretch playlist

Album Lyrics: Scurrilous [2011]

Protest The Hero
"Scurrilous [2011]"

1. C'est La Vie playlist
2. Dunsel playlist
3. Hair-Trigger playlist
4. Moonlight playlist
5. Sex Tapes playlist
6. Tandem playlist
7. Tapestry playlist
8. Termites playlist
9. The Reign Of Unending Terror playlist
10. Tongue-Splitter playlist

Album Lyrics: Warped Tour 2006 Tour Compilation [2006]

Protest The Hero
"Warped Tour 2006 Tour Compilation [2006]"

1. Heretics & Killers playlist