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Hans Zimmer
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer
"Other Songs - Hans Zimmer"

1. ...And Then I Kissed Him playlist
2. ...To Die For playlist
3. ****bonus Track: He's A Pirate - Tiesto Remix playlist
4. A Storm Is Coming playlist
5. Attack playlist
6. Blackbeard playlist
7. Born In Darkness playlist
8. Brothers playlist
9. Death By Exile playlist
10. December 7th playlist
11. Despair playlist
12. Discombobulate playlist
13. Drink Up Me 'hearties playlist
14. Fear Will Find You playlist
15. God Yu Takem Laef Blong Mi playlist
16. Gotham's Reckoning playlist
17. Half Remembered Dream playlist
18. Heart Of A Volunteer playlist
19. I Will Come Back playlist
20. Imagine The Fire playlist
21. King Of Pride Rock playlist
22. Kung Fu Fighting playlist
23. Little Ducks playlist
24. Mind If I Cut In playlist
25. Mutiny playlist
26. Necessary Evil playlist
27. Nothing Out There playlist
28. Now We Are Free playlist
29. On Thin Ice playlist
30. Rise playlist
31. Roll Tide (Includes Hymn 'eternal Father Strong To Save') playlist
32. Tell Me Now (What You See) playlist
33. Tennessee playlist
34. The Fire Rises playlist
35. The Hyenas playlist
36. This Land playlist
37. Thunderbirds Are Go! playlist
38. Time playlist
39. Under The Stars playlist
40. Underground Army playlist
41. War playlist
42. Why Do We Fall playlist

Album Lyrics: Pirates Of The Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest [2006]

Hans Zimmer
"Pirates Of The Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest [2006]"

1. I've Got My Eye On You playlist
2. Wheel Of Fortune playlist

Album Lyrics: Man Of Steel (2013) Soundtrack [2013]

Hans Zimmer
"Man Of Steel (2013) Soundtrack [2013]"

Album Lyrics: Black Hawk Down [2002]

Hans Zimmer
"Black Hawk Down [2002]"

Album Lyrics: The Simpsons Movie [2007]

Hans Zimmer
"The Simpsons Movie [2007]"

1. Release The Hounds playlist
2. Spider Pig playlist

Album Lyrics: Soundtrack [2013]

Hans Zimmer
"Soundtrack [2013]"

Album Lyrics: Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End [2007]

Hans Zimmer
"Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End [2007]"

1. Hoist the Colors playlist