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Rizzle Kicks
Album Lyrics: Roaring 20s [2013]

Rizzle Kicks
"Roaring 20s [2013]"

1. Don't Bring Me Down playlist
2. Everything Will Be Better In The Morning (Interlude) playlist
3. I Love You More Than You Think playlist
4. Jive playlist
5. Keep It Up playlist
6. Lost Generation playlist
7. Lunatic playlist
8. Me Around You playlist
9. Skip To The Good Bit playlist
10. That's Classic playlist
11. The Reason I Live playlist
12. This Means War playlist
13. Wind Up playlist

Album Lyrics: Stereo Typical [2011]

Rizzle Kicks
"Stereo Typical [2011]"

1. Demolition Man playlist
2. Down With The Trumpets playlist
3. Dreamers playlist
4. Even On A Rainy Day playlist
5. Homewrecker playlist
6. Learn My Lesson playlist
7. Miss Cigarette playlist
8. Prophet (Better Watch It) playlist
9. Round Up playlist
10. Stop With The Chatter playlist
11. Traveller's Chant playlist
12. Trouble playlist

Album Lyrics: Now That's What I Call Music! 81 [UK] [2012]

Rizzle Kicks
"Now That's What I Call Music! 81 [UK] [2012]"

1. Mama Do The Hump playlist
2. When I Was A Youngster playlist