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Heaven's Daemon
Album Lyrics: Love 4 Pain [2009]

Heaven's Daemon
"Love 4 Pain [2009]"

1. A Love Worth Dying For playlist
2. About You playlist
3. Forever I'll Wait playlist
4. Hurt Inside playlist
5. I Know I Love You playlist
6. I'm Sorry (Feel The Love) playlist
7. Know It's True playlist
8. Love's Dying Embrace playlist
9. Once Upon A Time playlist
10. Static Interference playlist
11. Take This Life playlist

Album Lyrics: The Power of 3 In One [2006]

Heaven's Daemon
"The Power of 3 In One [2006]"

1. A New Beginning To An Old End (Instrumental) playlist
2. A Prayer In The Wind playlist
3. Anyone Left Who Cares playlist
4. Break Free playlist
5. Building Infrastructure playlist
6. Could Ever Be playlist
7. Hmmm (Instrumental) playlist
8. I Am playlist
9. Kill or Die playlist
10. Let It Out playlist
11. Love In Creation playlist
12. My Body, A Temple playlist
13. Not Words playlist
14. Pulling On A Broken String (Instrumental) playlist
15. Somewhere Far Away (Instrumental) playlist
16. The Beauty of Decay playlist
17. The Love I Need playlist
18. The Suffering of Love and Perfection playlist
19. Unleash The Wrath playlist

Album Lyrics: Satanis Amongus [2003] [2003]

Heaven's Daemon
"Satanis Amongus [2003] [2003]"

1. A Shower For The Soul playlist
2. An Ungrateful Dying World playlist
3. Darkness Blinds My Eyes playlist
4. Devote My Soul playlist
5. Fill The Hole In My Soul With Love playlist
6. Love Like God playlist
7. This Wicked Place Called Earth playlist
8. What Tomorrow Could Bring playlist

Album Lyrics: Death In Love [1999] [1999]

Heaven's Daemon
"Death In Love [1999] [1999]"

1. An End To Come playlist
2. Bound For Darkness playlist
3. Communication playlist
4. Death Takes Hold playlist
5. Evil Day playlist
6. Foreword playlist
7. Love To Eternity playlist
8. Motherly Love playlist
9. My Agony playlist
10. Starraye (Instrumental) playlist
11. The Final Curtain (Outrumental) playlist
12. Toshua (Instrumental) playlist
13. Wanting To Be Wanted playlist

Album Lyrics: From Reason Within [2013] [2013]

Heaven's Daemon
"From Reason Within [2013] [2013]"

1. Battling The War Within playlist
2. Blue Little Piggy playlist
3. Get In The Pit playlist
4. I Am, What I Am playlist
5. Never Giving Up playlist
6. Something To Rip Apart playlist
7. Take Effect playlist
8. This Is The Time playlist