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Idina Menzel
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Idina Menzel

Idina Menzel
"Other Songs - Idina Menzel"

1. A Hero Comes Home playlist
2. American River playlist
3. As Long As You're Mine playlist
4. Dancing Through Life playlist
5. God Give Me Strength playlist
6. Hope playlist
7. I'm Not That Girl playlist
8. It Only Hurts When I Breathe playlist
9. Let It Go playlist
10. No Good Deed playlist
11. One Short Day playlist
12. Popular playlist
13. Rise Up(Cara's Song) playlist
14. Something Bad playlist
15. Summers Grace playlist
16. What Is This Feeling playlist
17. Winter playlist
18. You'd Be Surprised playlist

Album Lyrics: Still I Can't Be Still [1998]

Idina Menzel
"Still I Can't Be Still [1998]"

1. All Of The Above playlist
2. Follow If You Lead playlist
3. Fool Out Of Me playlist
4. Heart On My Sleeve playlist
5. Larissa's Lagoon playlist
6. Minuet playlist
7. Planet Z playlist
8. Reach playlist
9. Still I Can't Be Still playlist
10. Straw Into Gold playlist
11. Think Too Much playlist

Album Lyrics: Live Barefoot At The Symphony [2012]

Idina Menzel
"Live Barefoot At The Symphony [2012]"

1. Asleep On The Wind playlist
2. Defying Gravity playlist
3. For Good playlist
4. Life Of The Party playlist
5. No Day But Today playlist

Album Lyrics: I Stand [2007]

Idina Menzel
"I Stand [2007]"

1. Better To Have Loved playlist
2. Brave playlist
3. Don't Let Me Down playlist
4. Enemy playlist
5. Forever playlist
6. Gorgeous playlist
7. I Feel Everything playlist
8. I Stand playlist
9. Perfume And Promises playlist
10. Where Do I Begin playlist

Album Lyrics: Music from and Inspired by Desperate Housewives [2005]

Idina Menzel
"Music from and Inspired by Desperate Housewives [2005]"

1. Damsel In Distress playlist

Album Lyrics: Here [2004]

Idina Menzel
"Here [2004]"

1. Here playlist
2. If I Told You playlist
3. Once Upon A Time playlist
4. Penny playlist
5. So Beautiful playlist