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Markus Schulz
Album Lyrics: Do You Dream? [2010]

Markus Schulz
"Do You Dream? [2010]"

1. 65.4 Hz playlist
2. Alpha State playlist
3. Away playlist
4. Dark Heart Waiting playlist
5. Do You Dream (Uplifting Vocal Mix) playlist
6. Goodbye playlist
7. Last Man Standing playlist
8. Lightwave playlist
9. Not The Same playlist
10. Perception playlist
11. Rain playlist
12. Surreal (featuring Ana Criado) playlist
13. The New World playlist
14. Unsaid playlist
15. What Could Have Been playlist

Album Lyrics: Scream [2012]

Markus Schulz
"Scream [2012]"

1. Carry On playlist
2. Digital Madness (Extended Album Mix) playlist
3. Loops & Tings playlist
4. Love Rain Down playlist
5. Nothing Without Me playlist
6. Our Moment (Intro Mix) playlist
7. Scream playlist
8. Soul Seeking playlist

Album Lyrics: Without You Near [2005]

Markus Schulz
"Without You Near [2005]"

1. Arial playlist
2. First Time (feat. Anita Kelsey) playlist
3. Never Be The Same (feat. Carrie Skipper) playlist
4. Once Again (feat. Carrie Skipper) playlist
5. Peaches & Cream playlist
6. Red Eye To Miami playlist
7. Sorrow Has No Home playlist
8. Travelling Light (feat. Anita Kelsey) playlist
9. Without You Near (Coldharbour Mix) (with Departure playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Markus Schulz

Markus Schulz
"Other Songs - Markus Schulz"

1. Blown Away playlist
2. Dark Heart Waiting playlist
3. Daydream playlist
4. You Won't See Me Cry playlist

Album Lyrics: Progression [2007]

Markus Schulz
"Progression [2007]"

1. Cause You Know (feat. Departure) playlist
2. I Am (vs. Chakra) playlist
3. On a Wave (feat. Anita Kelsey) playlist
4. Perfect playlist