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Jessica Mauboy
Album Lyrics: Been Waiting (Deluxe Edition) [2009]

Jessica Mauboy
"Been Waiting (Deluxe Edition) [2009]"

1. Back2u playlist
2. Because playlist
3. Been Waiting playlist
4. Breathe playlist
5. Burn playlist
6. Chinese Whispers playlist
7. Do It Again playlist
8. Empty playlist
9. Let Me Be Me playlist
10. Runnin' playlist
11. Running Back playlist
12. That Girl playlist
13. Time After Time playlist
14. To The Floor playlist
15. Up/Down playlist
16. Used 2 Be playlist

Album Lyrics: Get 'Em Girls [2010]

Jessica Mauboy
"Get 'Em Girls [2010]"

1. Accelerate That playlist
2. Can Anybody Tell Me playlist
3. Fight For You playlist
4. Foreign playlist
5. Get 'Em Girls playlist
6. Handle It playlist
7. Here For Me playlist
8. Like This playlist
9. Maze playlist
10. No One Like You playlist
11. Reconnected playlist
12. Saturday Night playlist
13. Scariest Part playlist
14. What Happened To Us playlist

Album Lyrics: The Complete Collection [2013]

Jessica Mauboy
"The Complete Collection [2013]"

1. Galaxy playlist

Album Lyrics: Beautiful [2013]

Jessica Mauboy
"Beautiful [2013]"

1. Barriers playlist
2. Beautiful playlist
3. Go (I Don't Need You) playlist
4. Heartbreak Party playlist
5. Honest playlist
6. I Believe playlist
7. I'll Be There playlist
8. In Love Again playlist
9. Kick Up Your Heels playlist
10. Kiss Me Hello playlist
11. Never Be The Same playlist
12. Pop A Bottle (Fill Me Up) playlist
13. To The End Of The Earth playlist
14. Kick Up Your Heels (feat. Pitbull) playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Jessica Mauboy

Jessica Mauboy
"Other Songs - Jessica Mauboy"

1. All The Way Jesus playlist
2. Can I Get A Moment playlist
3. Dance It Off playlist
4. Forget Your Name playlist
5. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun playlist
6. Gotcha playlist
7. Inescapable playlist
8. Light A Light playlist
9. Magical playlist
10. Make It Alright playlist
11. Nobody Knows playlist
12. Now I Know playlist
13. Run playlist
14. Running Back (Remix) playlist
15. Stand By Your Man playlist
16. Used2b playlist
17. Yellow Bird playlist