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Will Young
Album Lyrics: From Now On

Will Young
"From Now On"

1. Evergreen playlist
2. Anything Is Possible playlist
3. Light My Fire playlist
4. Lover Won't You Stay playlist
5. Lovestruck playlist
6. The Long And Winding Road playlist
7. You And I playlist
8. Side By Side playlist
9. What's In Goodbye playlist
10. Cruel To Be Kind playlist
11. Over You playlist
12. From Now On playlist
13. Fine Line playlist

Album Lyrics: Friday's Child

Will Young
"Friday's Child"

1. Love The One You're With playlist
2. Your Game playlist
3. Stronger playlist
4. Leave Right Now playlist
5. Matter Of Distance playlist
6. Dance The Night Away playlist
7. Very Kind playlist
8. Free playlist
9. Going My Way playlist
10. Out Of My Mind playlist
11. Friday's Child playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Will Young

Will Young
"Other Songs - Will Young"

1. Ain't No Sunshine playlist
2. Alibi Of Love playlist
3. Beyond The Sea playlist
4. Boo playlist
5. Cry playlist
6. Don't Let Me Down playlist
7. Down playlist
8. Hey Ya playlist
9. I Get The Sweetest Feeling playlist
10. I Won't Dance playlist
11. If That's What You Want playlist
12. It Takes Two (With Zoe Birkett) playlist
13. Ready Or Not playlist
14. Roxanne (Sang At Exeter Pasw Concert) playlist
15. Take Control playlist
16. Ticket To Love (Live) playlist
17. Ur Game playlist
18. Winter Wonderland (Heats) playlist
19. Your Game (Fridays Child) playlist