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The Chemical Brothers
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers
"Other Songs - The Chemical Brothers"

1. 3 Little Birdies Downbeats playlist
2. Elmlqcavdgoblnh playlist
3. Flashback playlist
4. Galvanize (Start) playlist
5. H.I.A. playlist
6. Morning Lemon playlist
7. Not Another Drugstore playlist
8. Nude Night playlist
9. Playground For A Wedgeless Firm playlist
10. Rize Up playlist
11. Superflash playlist
12. Theme For Velodrome playlist
13. This Is Not A Game playlist

Album Lyrics: We Are The Night [2007]

The Chemical Brothers
"We Are The Night [2007]"

1. A Modern Midnight Conversation playlist
2. All Rights Reversed playlist
3. Battle Scars playlist
4. Burst Generator playlist
5. Das Spiegel playlist
6. Do It Again playlist
7. Harpoons playlist
8. No Path To Follow playlist
9. Saturate playlist
10. The Pills Won't Help You Now playlist
11. The Salmon Dance playlist
12. We Are the Night playlist

Album Lyrics: Exit Planet Dust [1995]

The Chemical Brothers
"Exit Planet Dust [1995]"

1. Alive Alone playlist
2. Chemical Beats playlist
3. Chico's Groove playlist
4. Fuck Up Beats playlist
5. In Dust We Trust playlist
6. Leave Home playlist
7. Life Is Sweet playlist
8. One Too Many Mornings playlist
9. Song To The Siren playlist

Album Lyrics: Further [2010]

The Chemical Brothers
"Further [2010]"

1. Another World playlist
2. Dissolve playlist
3. Escape Velocity playlist
4. Horse Power playlist
5. Snow playlist
6. Swoon playlist
7. Wonders of the Deep playlist

Album Lyrics: Surrender [1999]

The Chemical Brothers
"Surrender [1999]"

1. Asleep From Day playlist
2. Dream On playlist
3. Got Glint playlist
4. Hey Boy Hey Girl playlist
5. Music: Response playlist
6. Orange Wedge playlist
7. Out of Control playlist
8. Surrender playlist
9. The Sunshine Underground playlist
10. Under the Influence playlist

Album Lyrics: Push The Button [2005]

The Chemical Brothers
"Push The Button [2005]"

1. Believe playlist
2. Close Your Eyes playlist
3. Come Inside playlist
4. Galvanize playlist
5. Hold Tight London playlist
6. Left, Right playlist
7. Marvo Ging playlist
8. Shake Bounce Break playlist
9. Surface To Air playlist
10. The Big Jump playlist
11. The Boxer playlist

Album Lyrics: Dig Your Own Hole [1997]

The Chemical Brothers
"Dig Your Own Hole [1997]"

1. Block Rockin' Beats playlist
2. Don't Stop The Rock playlist
3. Elektrobank playlist
4. Get Up on It Like This playlist
5. It Doesn't Matter playlist
6. Lost in the K-Hole playlist
7. Piku playlist
8. Setting Sun playlist
9. The Private Psychedelic Reel playlist
10. Where Do I Begin playlist

Album Lyrics: Come With Us [2002]

The Chemical Brothers
"Come With Us [2002]"

1. Come With Us playlist
2. Denmark playlist
3. Galaxy Bounce playlist
4. Hoops playlist
5. It Began in Afrika playlist
6. My Elastic Eye playlist
7. Pioneer Skies playlist
8. Star Guitar playlist
9. The State We're In playlist
10. The Test playlist

Album Lyrics: Singles 93-03 [2003]

The Chemical Brothers
"Singles 93-03 [2003]"

1. Get Yourself High playlist
2. The Golden Path playlist

Album Lyrics: Hanna (Ost) [2011]

The Chemical Brothers
"Hanna (Ost) [2011]"

1. Hanna's Theme playlist

Album Lyrics: Heroes (Original Soundtrack) [2008]

The Chemical Brothers
"Heroes (Original Soundtrack) [2008]"

1. Keep My Composure playlist

Album Lyrics: Now That's What I Call Music, Vol. 5 [1999]

The Chemical Brothers
"Now That's What I Call Music, Vol. 5 [1999]"

1. Let Forever Be playlist

Album Lyrics: Brotherhood [2008]

The Chemical Brothers
"Brotherhood [2008]"

1. Midnight Madness playlist

Album Lyrics: Born In The Echoes [2015]

The Chemical Brothers
"Born In The Echoes [2015]"

1. Sometimes I Feel So Deserted playlist