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Ying Yang Twins
Album Lyrics: Return Of The Ying Yang Twins

Ying Yang Twins
"Return Of The Ying Yang Twins"

1. I'm Tired playlist
2. Say I Yi Yi playlist
3. Sound Off playlist
4. Huff Puff playlist
5. Twurkulator playlist

Album Lyrics: Me And My Brother

Ying Yang Twins
"Me And My Brother"

1. Them Braves playlist
2. Hanh! playlist
3. Grey Goose playlist
4. Me & My Brother playlist
5. The Nerve Calmer playlist
6. Naggin playlist

Album Lyrics: My Brother And Me

Ying Yang Twins
"My Brother And Me"

1. Halftime (Stand Up & Get Crunk!)~feat Homebwoi playlist
2. Salt Shaker (Extended Remix) playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Ying Yang Twins

Ying Yang Twins
"Other Songs - Ying Yang Twins"

1. (Smoke) By Myself playlist
2. Alley playlist
3. Angels playlist
4. Atl Eternally playlist
5. By Myself playlist
6. Calling All Zones playlist
7. Cealin To Da Floo playlist
8. Crank It Up playlist
9. Drop Like This 2001 playlist
10. Georgia Dome playlist
11. Hell Raisers playlist
12. Naggin (Dirrty) playlist
13. Naggin Part 2 (The Answer) playlist
14. Naggin' playlist
15. Salt Shaker playlist
16. Salt Shaker (Mvp Remix) With Lil Jon & Eastside Bo playlist
17. Salt Shaker (Radio) playlist
18. Salt Shaker (Remix) Feat. Big Boi And Snoop Dogg playlist
19. Saltshaker (Real) playlist
20. Say I Yi Yi (Clean) playlist
21. Thug Walkin' playlist
22. Tounge Bath playlist
23. Whats Happenin playlist
24. Whistle While You Twurk playlist
25. Woah Lil Mama playlist