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Guy Sebastian
Album Lyrics: Armageddon

Guy Sebastian

1. Amnesia playlist
2. Beg playlist
3. Gold playlist
4. Get Along playlist
5. Keeper playlist
6. Don't Worry Be Happy playlist
7. Armageddon playlist
8. Big Bad World playlist
9. Summer Love playlist
10. Died And Gone To Heaven playlist
11. Used To You playlist

Album Lyrics: Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap [2012]

Guy Sebastian
"Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap [2012]"

1. Battle Scars playlist

Album Lyrics: Beautiful Life [2004]

Guy Sebastian
"Beautiful Life [2004]"

1. Out With My Baby playlist
2. Kryptonite playlist
3. Sweetest Berry playlist
4. Wait playlist
5. Back In The Day playlist
6. I Wish playlist
7. Anthem Of Why playlist
8. Story Of A Single Man playlist
9. How (Beautiful Life Album) playlist
10. Forever With You playlist
11. Make Heaven Wait playlist
12. Fiend For You playlist
13. Oh Oh playlist
14. Beautiful Life playlist

Album Lyrics: Closer To The Sun [2006]

Guy Sebastian
"Closer To The Sun [2006]"

1. Elevator Love playlist
2. Out Of Place playlist
3. Can't Stop A River playlist
4. Trade This Love playlist
5. Closer To The Sun playlist
6. Cover On My Heart playlist
7. I'm Gon Getcha playlist
8. Unbreakable playlist
9. Taller, Stronger, Better playlist
10. Boyfriend playlist
11. Stars Collide playlist
12. Takin' Me Over playlist
13. Be Mine playlist

Album Lyrics: Just as I Am [2003]

Guy Sebastian
"Just as I Am [2003]"

1. Angels Brought Me Here playlist
2. So I playlist
3. Can You Stand The Rain playlist
4. No One Can Compare (To You) playlist
5. All I Need Is You playlist
6. What A Wonderful World playlist
7. My Beautiful Friend playlist
8. Something Don't Feel Right playlist
9. When Doves Cry playlist
10. Just As I Am playlist
11. 3 Words playlist
12. I 4 U playlist

Album Lyrics: Like It Like That [2009]

Guy Sebastian
"Like It Like That [2009]"

1. Like It Like That playlist
2. All To Myself playlist
3. Art Of Love playlist
4. Attention playlist
5. Magic playlist
6. Bring Yourself playlist
7. Never Hold You Down playlist
8. Fail To Mention playlist
9. Never Be You playlist
10. Coming Home playlist
11. Undo playlist
12. Perfection playlist

Album Lyrics: The Memphis Album [2007]

Guy Sebastian
"The Memphis Album [2007]"

1. Soul Man playlist
2. Hold on I'm comin playlist
3. In the midnight hour playlist
4. I can't stand the rain playlist
5. Take Me To The River playlist
6. Knock On Wood playlist
7. Respect Yourself playlist
8. (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay playlist
9. Hard to handle playlist
10. Let's Stay Together playlist
11. I've Been Loving You Too Long playlist
12. Hallelujah I Love Her So playlist
13. I'd Like To Get To Know You playlist
14. Under the boardwalk playlist