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Irene Cara
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Irene Cara

Irene Cara
"Other Songs - Irene Cara"

1. What A Feeling playlist
2. Don't Wanna Let Go playlist
3. Falling In Love playlist
4. Fame playlist
5. Girlfriends playlist
6. Give Me Love playlist
7. Hot Lunch Jam playlist
8. I Sing The Body Electric playlist
9. Love Survives playlist
10. No One But You playlist
11. Now That It's Over playlist
12. Out Here On My Own playlist
13. The Dream playlist
14. We're Gonna Get Up playlist
15. Get A Grip playlist

Album Lyrics: Anyone Can See [1982]

Irene Cara
"Anyone Can See [1982]"

1. Anyone Can See playlist
2. Reach Out (I'll Be There) playlist
3. Thunder In My Heart playlist

Album Lyrics: What A Feelin' [1983]

Irene Cara
"What A Feelin' [1983]"

1. Breakdance playlist
2. Cue Me Up playlist
3. Dream (Hold On To Your Dreams) playlist
4. Keep On playlist
5. Recieving playlist
6. Romance '83 playlist
7. Why Me playlist
8. You Took My Life Away playlist
9. You Were Made For Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Flashdance (Original Soundtrack From The Motion Picture) [1983]

Irene Cara
"Flashdance (Original Soundtrack From The Motion Picture) [1983]"

1. What A Feeling playlist