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Katharine Mcphee
Album Lyrics: Katharine Mcphee

Katharine Mcphee
"Katharine Mcphee"

2. Over it playlist

Album Lyrics: Christmas Is the Time to Say I Love You [2010]

Katharine Mcphee
"Christmas Is the Time to Say I Love You [2010]"

1. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas playlist
2. Jingle Bells playlist
3. It's Not Christmas Without You playlist
4. O Holy Night playlist
5. Silver Bells playlist
6. What Are You Doing New Year's Eve playlist
7. White Christmas playlist
8. Who Would Imagine A King playlist

Album Lyrics: Katharine McPhee [2007]

Katharine Mcphee
"Katharine McPhee [2007]"

1. Love Story playlist
2. Over It playlist
3. Open Toes playlist
4. Home playlist
5. Not Ur Girl playlist
6. Each Other playlist
7. Dangerous playlist
8. Ordinary World playlist
9. Do What You Do playlist
10. Better Off Alone playlist
11. Neglected playlist
12. Everywhere I Go playlist

Album Lyrics: Unbroken [2010]

Katharine Mcphee
"Unbroken [2010]"

1. It's Not Right playlist
2. Had It All playlist
3. Keep Drivin' playlist
4. Last Letter playlist
5. Surrender playlist
6. Terrified playlist
7. How playlist
8. Say Goodbye playlist
9. Faultline playlist
10. Anybody's Heart playlist
11. Lifetime playlist
12. Unbroken playlist
13. Brand New Key playlist