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Antony And The Johnsons
Album Lyrics: I Am A Bird Now

Antony And The Johnsons
"I Am A Bird Now"

7. Fistful Of Love playlist

Album Lyrics: The Crying Light [2009]

Antony And The Johnsons
"The Crying Light [2009]"

1. Aeon playlist
2. Her Eyes Are Underneath The Ground playlist
3. One Dove playlist
4. Daylight And The Sun playlist
5. Dust And Water playlist
6. Everglade playlist

Album Lyrics: Aeon [2009]

Antony And The Johnsons
"Aeon [2009]"

1. Crazy In Love playlist

Album Lyrics: Cut The World [2012]

Antony And The Johnsons
"Cut The World [2012]"

1. Another World playlist
2. Twilight playlist
3. Cripple and the Starfish playlist
4. Rapture playlist
5. Cut The World playlist
7. You Are My Sister playlist
8. Swanlights playlist
9. Epilepsy Is Dancing playlist
10. Kiss My Name playlist
11. I Fell In Love With A Dead Boy playlist
12. The Crying Light playlist

Album Lyrics: Another World EP [2008]

Antony And The Johnsons
"Another World EP [2008]"

1. Crackagen playlist
2. Shake That Devil playlist
3. Sing For Me playlist
4. Hope Mountain playlist

Album Lyrics: Antony And The Johnsons [2002]

Antony And The Johnsons
"Antony And The Johnsons [2002]"

1. Hitler In My Heart playlist
2. The Atrocities playlist
3. River of Sorrow playlist
4. Deeper Than Love playlist
5. Divine playlist
6. Blue Angel playlist

Album Lyrics: Epilepsy Is Dancing [2009]

Antony And The Johnsons
"Epilepsy Is Dancing [2009]"

Album Lyrics: Hope There's Someone [2005]

Antony And The Johnsons
"Hope There's Someone [2005]"

1. Hope There's Someone playlist
2. Frankenstein playlist
3. Just One Star playlist

Album Lyrics: I Am A Bird Now [2005]

Antony And The Johnsons
"I Am A Bird Now [2005]"

1. My Lady Story playlist
2. For Today I Am A Boy playlist
3. Man Is The Baby playlist
4. What Can I Do playlist
5. Fistful Of Love playlist
6. Free At Last playlist
7. Spiralling playlist
8. Bird Gerhl playlist

Album Lyrics: I Fell In Love With A Dead Boy [2001]

Antony And The Johnsons
"I Fell In Love With A Dead Boy [2001]"

1. Mysteries Of Love playlist
2. Soft Black Stars playlist

Album Lyrics: Live At Saint Olave's Church [2002]

Antony And The Johnsons
"Live At Saint Olave's Church [2002]"

1. You Stand Above Me playlist

Album Lyrics: The Lake EP [2004]

Antony And The Johnsons
"The Lake EP [2004]"

1. The Lake playlist
2. The Horror Has Gone playlist

Album Lyrics: Swanlights [2010]

Antony And The Johnsons
"Swanlights [2010]"

1. Everything Is New playlist
2. The Great White Ocean playlist
3. Ghost playlist
4. I'm In Love playlist
5. Violetta playlist
6. The Spirit Was Gone playlist
7. Thank You For Your Love playlist
8. Fl├ętta playlist
9. Salt Silver Oxygen playlist
10. Christina's Farm playlist

Album Lyrics: Swanlights Ep [2011]

Antony And The Johnsons
"Swanlights Ep [2011]"

1. Find The Rhythm Of Your Love playlist

Album Lyrics: Thank You For Your Love [2010]

Antony And The Johnsons
"Thank You For Your Love [2010]"

3. Pressing On playlist

Album Lyrics: Virgin Mary [2003]

Antony And The Johnsons
"Virgin Mary [2003]"

1. Virgin Mary playlist

Album Lyrics: You Are My Sister [2005]

Antony And The Johnsons
"You Are My Sister [2005]"

3. Paddy's Gone playlist